Criminology policies and theories

Criminologypolicies and theories

Weedand seed program

Theweed and seed program has the crucial role of reducing andcontrolling violent, gang, and drug activity in areas recording ahigher number of crimes. This is done by having a prosecutor’s workand law enforcement to the “Weed” criminals. The weed and seedprogram has three primary objectives. First, it aims at developing amultiagency plan that is comprehensive so that it can stop andcontrol drug-related crime, drug trafficking, and violent crimes.Secondly, it also aims at coordinating and integrating new andexisting initiatives to concentrate assets and increase their effecton preventing violent crimes and other gang activities. Lastly, ithas the objective of mobilizing the community residents with the aimof getting rid of the violent offenders in the community to enhancepeaceful living (Williams,et al. 2004).

Thispolicy is related to the differential association theory that statesthat while interacting with other individuals, attitudes and motivesfor criminal behavior. Therefore, it is easy for other individuals tojoin the crew just by way of interaction. Typically, the primaryobjective of the weed and seed program is to get rid of thoseindividuals involved in violent crimes and drug trafficking. On theother hand, an increase in this incidence is a result of interactionwith those individuals that participate in these crimes. Therefore,the program aims at reducing the number of people related to suchoffenses in the community so that they can decrease the chances ofother persons being recruited to the gang. This program was startedin 1991, and it attempts to deal with violent crimes, drug use andtrafficking, and gang activities. The program began after there wasan increase in crimes, and it was associated with substance abuse. Tocurb this, they had to get rid of those individuals involved in suchoffenses (Gilling,1997).

Midnightbasketball program

Themidnight basketball program is a program that has a broader visionand also higher goals than just winning the game. The primary goal isachieving a brighter future for the young generation. In thisprogram, children are taken to the streets every Friday from six inthe evening to midnight. The midnight basketball program is aplatform for the young people to learn life skills. It teaches thechildren how to love one another, and also how to live with otherswithout violence. The program came up after a small study on theyouths and children was conducted. In this study, it was found outthat the more the children are told that they are not good enough,they begin to believe in that. Therefore, in this program, greatpeople such as businessmen and coaches are brought to give them apositive affirmation about their future (Cornish,et al. 2014).

Theprogram is related to the social control theory since it resultedbecause of the increasing crimes in the younger generation. The youthand the children are at a tender age and are eager to learn morethings. With the social media and the internet on their disposal,they learn irrelevant things that they tend to practice. Therefore,the midnight basketball is meant to keep them busy and shun from thevices such as rape, stealing, and violence that appear to be normalin the social media. Typically, this program is meant to shape thelife of the younger people so that they might feel comfortableexisting in the community (Williams,et al. 2004).The program was started after a couple of anti-social behavior wasexperienced among the younger generation. The core aim of the policyis to achieve a brighter future for the children, and the only wayout is to shape their behavior.

Prisonrehabilitation programs

Itis also referred to as the offender reentry programs. Typically, theyare the activities that the prisoners are subjected to before theyare allowed to re-enter the community. In this program, they find outwhat the cause of the crime was, and what might have led the offenderto commit the crime. The primary objective of this program is toshape the behavior of the offenders so that they might be acceptableonce they re-enter the community (Williams,et al. 2004).

Theprogram is related to the strain theory that has the notion that thesocial structure around a person might cause them to perform a crime.The primary objective of the prison rehabilitation program is toensure that prisoners can return to the community safely and thatthey will not be in sighted by any conditions around them to commit acrime. The program was started after a realization that the number ofcorrectional facilities in the country couldn’t suit the number oflawbreakers. Therefore, the reentry program aims at releasing someprisoners to the community after they have passed the rehabilitationprogram. Also, it is believed that some crimes are done out of theminds of the offender while others are practiced for. Therefore, theprogram shapes the characters of the lawbreakers to ensure they won’tfall into the trap again (Gilling,1997).


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