Critical Analysis Issue Paper


CriticalAnalysis Issue Paper

CriticalAnalysis Issue Paper

Problemsthat result fromobtainingresources for a lesbian family include inequality and unfairness.This situation stems from the premise that confusion and mythscontinue to rock lesbian parenting (Patterson, 2014). According toPatterson, lesbian family experiences unfairness and inequality someof which isorchestratedtowards their children in terms of the stigmaassociated with lesbianism. With the stigmatization, efforts toobtain medical services for these children may prove futilegalvanized by little legal recognition about same-sexcouples. Thisscenario isbecause of stereotypes that such children struggle with identityissues, including peer relationships. Another problem is thechildren’s welfare, especially in circumstances where the family isadoptive.Arguably, Federal Law does not address lesbian family adoption casesinstead the State does based on statutes.

Familystructures unrelated to mine has the rights to access basic needssuch as housing and education. Although, they share a littleinformation with the workmates, extended families, and neighbors,their welfare deservesattention from policy makers. Moreover, such families need specialprograms to address stigmatization, rejection, and physical abusebecause of their status. Further, I think the familiesunderstand and appreciate a wider perspective of householddefinition. Thisisbecause they can establish their family of choice to disapprove therejection and humiliation from their extended family members.

Practicingsuccessful nursing related to the families requires a deeperunderstanding of experts involved. The experts may unite towards acommon goal of forming unions to fight for the equality and fairnessin such family settings. With such unions,it is easier to practice nursing because everyone involvedunderstands the way it feels to be unique.Inaddition,policymakers,as well as government agencies,may increase their support for lesbian family nursing practices. Suchattention strengthens the federal laws governing lesbian families inthe end.


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