Dear James,


Hellofriend. I hope you are doing well. I’m just writing you to make youaware that I have moved to a new address.

AsI had told you the last time we met at the carnival, my father wasexpecting a promotion at his place of work. Well, the promotion cameat the end of last month. However, the new position he was promotedto required him to transfer to another branch of the company.Everything happened so fast since we did not have much time to spare.He was expected to report to his new workplace in two weeks. We,therefore, moved in haste to the new location and settled down. Ieven got enrolled in a new school. I started my classes this week.

Wecurrently live on the eastern side of London in the company’s staffquarters. It is a spacious five bedroom house with two guest rooms,so when you feel like visiting you are much welcome. At least thistime you won’t have to sleep on the couch like in our previoushouse. I look forward to hearing from you. Pass my regards to yourentire family.

Keepin touch.