Dear Wayne,


I’mwriting to apologize for the embarrassment I caused you in classyesterday.

Iam sincerely sorry for accusing you of stealing my break time snacks.I realize that it was wrong of me to accuse you of something that youhad not done, especially now that I know who the real thief is. WhenI realized, my snacks were missing, the first person I suspected wasyou. The reason for this is that you are my desk mate. As a result,you are the closest person to me in class, and you know where I keepall my stuff including my snacks. I was angry and desperate. Ishouted at you in class with everyone watching.

Iam sorry that I did not take my time to look deeper into the matter.I’m sorry I made my accusations against you without taking my timeand attention to find out the truth. I know my behavior offended you,and I apologize for that. I do not want us to be angry at each otherfor the rest of the term. Besides being my desk mate, you are also myfriend and I do not want to lose that. Please forgive me. Once again,I am sorry.