Dell`s Approach to Cultivating Relationships

Dell`sApproach to Cultivating Relationships


Dellis committed to the responsible business, and high standards ofethical behavior have made the company increase its productivity.Suppliers and customers are one of the most important stakeholdersthat any company should be concerned with if it is to make anymeaningful progress. All suppliers of Dell are held to the highestinternational standards and convention together with the defined andgoverning laws. These will include the application of theinternational labor laws, United Nations declaration of the humanrights, and reporting standards for global reporting initiative(Dell, 2013). By implementing Dell supplier standards dell ensuringthat suppliers needs and requirements are adopted into theorganization`s core policy commitments. These ensure quality supplierand, therefore, quality products. Dell also ensures that supplierengagement and participation in the company’s supply, capabilitybuilding and assessment programs so that the process of supply Istreamlined to meet the company supply need. Lastly, the companyreinforces the general needs of customers expected to be met or evenexceed laws and recognized international standards (Mazzei, Kim, &ampDell`Oro, 2012).

Customersare the other important to Dell`s relationship capital. Apparently,the organization spends more than 1.5% of its revenue in research anddesign to improve the quality of its product so that it meets thecustomer requirements. Market research is the other customerrequirement that Dell do not neglect. The organization is quite acognizance of the changing and shifting preference of customers forits product. Therefore, the study of customer needs enable theorganization to identify the specific need of its customers and thus,to develop a product that will address those needs. The increase inperformance for relationship capital is a continuing process andinteractive so that it should continue to eternity. Taming thoserelationships will improve performance, and it will go for a longtime (Costantini, Agnelli, Bucelli, Ciambotti, DELL’ORO, Natarelli,&amp Vignozzi, 2013).


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