Demerit Point System

DemeritPoint System

DemeritPoint System

Trafficrules are some of the regulations that are broken on a daily basis,which risks the lives of millions of road users. The demerit pointsystem was developed with the primary objective of helping the lawenforcers identify, prevent, and penalize offenders who break thetraffic laws repeatedly (Queens Printer, 2015). The demerit pointsystem allows the law enforcement agencies (including the licensingauthority and police department) give cumulative points or demeritsto drivers on the basis of the number of convictions for road trafficrelated offenses.

Althoughthe demerit point system is highly valued by the law enforcementagencies, its scope is quite limited in terms of the type offensescovered by the system. For example, the system covers minor trafficoffenses (such as failing to obey the traffic signals and overspeeding), but major offenses (such as drunk driving and hit and run)are covered within the system (Queens Printer, 2015). In addition,the law enforcement agencies apply provisions of the system when thedrivers are willing to accept the guilt.

Moreover,the demerit point system works well under certain conditions. Forexample, a high level of transparency is expected from all concernedindividuals. In addition, validity must be established before thesystem can be implemented. This means that the stakeholders in thelaw enforcement sector should be able to establish the relationshipbetween accident risk and the points awarded within the demerit pointsystem. Despite the limitations that the demerit system faces, itplays a key role in reducing the number of road accidents byincreasing the consciousness of drivers. N addition, drivers whoexceed a given number of points is forced to undergo safety classesand have the driving license suspended.

Inconclusion, the demerit point system was developed with the intentionof enhancing safety in the roads. Although the system has severallimitations, it increases consciousness among drivers, which reducesthe number of road accidents.


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