Designing Own Workspace

DesigningOwn Workspace

DesigningOwn Workspace

Thereare simple acts of making one’s decisions about workspacepreferences depending on the type of job one has. Hired as a home MT,I ensure that my job description is not negatively affected by theworking environment in every way. To design an ergonomic workspace, Iwould ensure it has that it improves my productivity. First,considering I am fond of pictures, my ergonomic workspace should havea pin-board. The [pin-board will be full of messages and picturesthat would help with the feeling of workspace ownership, whichaccording to Caywood (2004), has consequent benefits to my workproductivity as a home MT. The pin-board will be placed opposite tomy seat.

Secondly,the layout and furniture I would consider will be rounded and curved,rather than straight and sharp-edged. Caywood (2004) noted thatcreating such kind of environment is associated with positiveemotions that reflect positively on productivity and creativity. Whenit comes to colors, my ideal ergonomic workspace will have lightingsystem that will allow easy alteration to hue and brightness, whichwill complement the kind of work I will be doing on that particularday. According to Caywood (2004), having different colors andlighting levels impacts differently on psychological effects.

Finally,my ergonomic workspace will be near the window, and green plants, oneor two, placed at the base of the window. Caywood (2004) observedthat green plants optimizes one’s workspace, and at the same time,has a recovery feeling from demanding work, while it lowers stresslevels. The plants will also help to reduce stuffiness and dust.Additionally, my ergonomic workspace, considering I will be workingat home, will be situated at a position with less noise, be it faraway from the kitchen and living room.


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