Desperado Desperado




Thesong, Desperado, is a rock song by Eagles. Considered among the top100 Western songs by the Membersof the Western Writers of America,the song dismisses the stereotypes about the mythical west.Stereotypes about the western music range from composition, messageand style. As a result, western music has for a long time beenportrayed as more westernized hence making it ‘difficult’ toappeal to individuals from other regions. The song reflects the factthat the western music is not regional but has fans across the world.This is one stereotype that has existed among the people for a longtime. It shows that the western music is loved by many souls.

Desperadosong portrays western music with appeal that covers diverse emotionsand regions. Another myth is that western music only covers theideals and values of the western people. However, the song portraysdiverse range of elements and emotions that spreads across regions.The song is largely different from the original cowboymusicthat was popularly associated with the western culture in the 19thand 20thcentury. It also introduces western music and its traditions to thepublic.

Reviewsfrom the song shows that western music has now become acceptable topeople world over while the stereotypes are minimal. Desperadopresents the notion that the artist intended to create a satisfactorysong although drawing from the western style. The song is pretty goodmusically with great elements of rock music. With the manystereotypes about the western, it is only fair for the musicproducers to create songs that have global appeal. Overall, the songplays a significant role in dismissing the stereotypes about thewestern music.


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