Diabetes Mobile Program “House Calls”

DiabetesMobile Program: “House Calls”


DiabetesMobile Program: “House Calls”

“HouseCalls” is bound to be a diabetes mobile program in which I, as atrained masters nurse, will form a partnership with anendocrinologist to ensure that the residents of Oklahoma district,who are more vulnerable to the risk factors of diabetes get thenecessary assistance. The focus area of this program is on minimizingthe barriers of access to healthcare equipping the diabetic in thedistrict with necessary knowledge and skills for self-monitoring andevaluation and creating awareness in improve the knowledge of thegeneral population on prevention, treatment and management ofdiabetes. The ultimate objective of this program is to reduce A1C ofdiabetes in the district by one digit every month. The specificobjective of the program, however, is to equip patients withnecessary knowledge that will enable them to examine and comprehendtheir health condition. To achieve these objectives, practices inproject management require an integrative approach that proposes aspecific plan of activities (Kerzner,2013).

Thefirst activity that will be undertaken is to obtain the recordspertaining to the patients with diabetes in the entire districtincluding their physical addresses, a process that will be expectedto take one week. This will enable health practitioners to reachthem. Moreover, to reduce A1C by one digit every month in the nearfuture, an educated skilled nurse will visit the identified patientsevery single day of the week for three weeks. During the same period,the endocrinologist will also visit the same patient but only onceevery week to assess the patient’s condition and assist withpossible treatment plans. At the end of the tree weeks, a monitoringand evaluation exercise will be conducted using pre-designedquestionnaires including the patients’ condition and knowledge ofthe disease before the program started and the skilled nurse willfill in the conditions of the patient at the end of the treatmentperiod. This will enable the practitioners to detect changes in thepatient’s condition and evaluate it in light of the objectives.


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