Dilemma in Nursing

Dilemmain Nursing

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Researchin nursing is an important area that all nurses and stakeholders inhealth care must actively engage in order to improve the health andsafety of the people that they serve as well as their own safety.Nursing is a complex yet a noble job and it keeps on changing interms of policy, and other dynamics. These changes must be addressedeffectively through research process. One such issue is the issue ofhealth care associated infections (HCAIs) that have for long beenaddressed by scholars in various studies. Despite so, hand washingpractice has not been totally achieved or at least its aim beingechoed in health care settings as expected.

Dueto the discrepancies in hand washing practices and HCAIs, it isimportant to research on what barriers contribute or discourage handwashing practice among health care workers. This is importantbecause, it have also been proved through various studies that, handwashing practices significantly reduce HCAIs. Therefore, establishingthe barriers to hand washing practice will be able to help improvehand washing practice among health care workers, thus reducing HCAIs.

Thereis generally an increase in HCAIs despite the knowledge that handwashing can reduce such infections. As argued by Marra,Guastelli and Pereira et al., (2010) hand washing remains the mostsignificant way to reduce HCAIs. As such undertaking a study toestablish the barriers to hand washing can reduce the risk of HCAIs.Ultimately, one research in nursing inspires other studies in aneffort to tackle a problem or explain a phenomenon. As such, althoughthis phenomenon if hand washing have been explored before, there arefew if any studies showing what hinders health care workers from handwashing practice.


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