Discipleship and a Healthy Church


Discipleshipand a Healthy Church


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Introduction 3

A healthy church is a goal for discipleship 3

The top 3 areas that an organization needs to focus on to create a healthier body of Christ 4

Initial steps an organization could take to improve its spiritual health 5

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Discipleshipand a Healthy Church


HealthyChurch is the core foundation of every church that was commissionedby Christ. In the modern times, churches have engaged in activitiesthat may be considered unhealthy and unnecessary in the fulfillmentof the discipleship goal of the church. It has become a commonsituation that an unhealthy pastor may lead a growing church intodoom. This has led to moral decay and development of ungodlyactivities. To have a healthy church, there is the need to have ahealthy pastor to lead the congregation to achieve the goal of thechurch1.The essay seeks to analyze the discipleship and a healthy church inthe society.

A healthy church is a goal fordiscipleship

Thegoal of a healthy church is to focus on making and developingdisciples by preaching to the sinners and converting them from theirbad ways into being a Christ’s disciple. A healthy church wouldalso imply that the Christ’s body is healthy too2.The goal of what may be regarded a healthy church is to enable thechurch to grow as per the God’s concern for every church andproduce healthy fruits that are pleasing to God. Therefore, it can beargued that a healthy church goal will have a pastor who is healthyand on a mission of the Christ and to support the Christ’s agendaof disciple making. The existing competition among churches on thenumber of members a church has and the amount contributed to thechurch as an offering is very wrong, and this is very unhealthy for achurch.

The church has to cut the unnecessary competition with the rest ofthe churches around in terms of the number of members it has. It isevident that the Lord would be pleased with the few members who aremore genuine than having a full church member but not doing as perthe will of God. The competition is all about the amount of offeringgiven this is unhealthy and should be stopped to have a church thatis healthy. Competition may lead the church astray and away from themain objective of a healthy church, which is to make more peopledisciples for Christ. Discipleship as the focus of every healthyChurch should be focused on humility, and doing what pleases theLord.

The top 3 areas that anorganization needs to focus on to create a healthier body of Christ

Discipleshipmaturity is another area that the church has to focus to ensure itachieves a state of a healthy church. Knowing Christ as your personalSavior is not enough for a Christian. The church has to put moreefforts into ensuring that the new Christians develop a life’shabit that will enhance their spiritual growth in the process. Thechurch has to focus on activities like Bible studies, prayer andchurch attendance to ensure there is spiritual growth. The newChristian must be able to grow, and this is through the churchacquiring a working bible knowledge and the core Christiandoctrines3.Therefore, the church should take the role of monitoring the newChristians’ spiritual development4.The new Christians should not be allowed to drop their faith.

Evangelismand mission are very important to have a healthy church. The churchmust be in the forefront and adopt the great commission that isfueled by the Pentecostal passion. This approach is very important toevery church and should be adopted by all the churches as it leads tothe missionary enterprise and passion globally. Missionary awarenessshould be adopted and implemented in the Church to ensure that thechurch grows healthy wise. The disciples regardless of the age oreven their vocation should be included in this great commission andencouraged to be prayerful. Commission as the key purpose of thechurch will ensure that the gospel reaches every Conner of the earthbringing the lost souls back to Christ.

Thechurch should use worshipping in every aspect of the service. Worshipshould be done in truth and humility, which is spirit motivated andguided further by the Holy Spirit. The disciple gathering must alsobe centered on the Christ and characterized by God’s awareness.This gathering with the aim of worshiping God should be made out ofthe will and be highly participative. The church should thus followthe example of the early churches who were speaking to one another bythe use of the psalm by incorporating music and songs in theirservices. Therefore, the church should never reduce the breadth andthe grandeur of worshipping by simply equating the act of worshipingwith a one aspect of worship.

Initial steps an organizationcould take to improve its spiritual health

Thereare certain steps that the church can follow to ensure there is thedevelopment of spiritual health. The church must learn about how toworship God in truth and act according to the will of God. The churchshould have a good relationship within among its members. This willensure that there is harmony and peace in the church5.The church should adopt prayer as the key tool by encouraging themember to be meeting for prayers. Bible studies should be adopted toensure that member understands the scriptures to avoid any temptationthat may come their way.

Monitoringof the new Christian is another way that the church will ensure ithas become fruitful and healthy. The new members requireencouragement and sharing of Bible verses to enable them growspiritually. The church should be involved in social activities thatare beneficial to the disadvantaged and needy members of the society.For instance by contributing food, visiting the sick in the hospitalsand donating food and other items to the children homes. The churchshould not at any time take anything for granted but should be ableto use every opportunity they have to preach and spread the gospel toall the people.


Therefore,a healthy charge would imply working hard to ensure that the maingoal of the church, which is to increase discipleship, is achieved.The essay has focused on the issue of discipleship and a healthychurch and areas that every church should improve on to eliminate theweaknesses that are not pleasing to God. The church needs to behealthy for the good of spiritual growth and be able to do as per thewill of God to receive the God’s blessings. There are steps thatevery church should follow to ensure that they become healthy andenable the spiritual growth of new Christians.


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