Diversity in Teams


Diversityin Teams

Diversityin teams has been considered to be of value and as such needs to behighly encouraged in different places, where there are teams. Forexample, at the workplace, diversity in teams should be highlyencouraged because it aids in ensuring efficiency in handling anissue. In this assignment, value of diversity in teams will behighlighted.

Diversityin terms of gender, sexuality, race and geographical location are allessential in creating successful and maintaining a working team.Diversity ensures that there are varying ideas and opinions regardingany issue facing a team. This is extremely useful when a team isfaced by challenges and requires a variety of opinions and ideas intrying to resolve the problem (Halverson&ampTirmizi,2014). Additionally, teams that embrace diversity are considered aspolitically correct are mainly favored by the management. They areviewed as incorporative and as teams that value different opinionsand ideas.

Diversityin teams helps team members to develop the culture of respect forother people. It is evident that diversity ensures that people fromdifferent cultural backgrounds, gender, race and sexuality worktogether in harmony (Halverson&ampTirmizi,2014). This ensures that members develop respect and appreciation forpeople who are culturally different from them. This may emanate fromthe opinions given by such people regarding issues at work. Besides,diversity in teams is a marketing tool for multinationalorganizations (Halverson&ampTirmizi,2014). It is clear that diversity has been considered as one of thebenchmarks in assessing the image of organizations. Organizationswhich embrace diversity are considered as being successful andeffective hence attracting more clients.

Diversityin teams for instance, in professionalism has been perceived ascritical because it can help an organization in resolving any issuethat may emerge. For example, in an organization where there arediverse professionals, the professionals can help the organization intackling different issues because they possess varied skills.Furthermore, cultural diversity has been appreciated in thehealthcare industry because it helps in increasing health careaccess.


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