Drawbacks of Ecommerce

Drawbacksof Ecommerce

E-commerceis not exactly the ultimate way conducting business following thenumerous drawbacks that are associated by the most recentadvancements in the business sphere. One of the major drawback is theabsence of human contact in the entire business transaction, whichdeters most customers from shopping online (Schäfer 36). Speaking toa human being while making purchases is vital especially owing to thenature of customers and generally humankind. Accordingly, buyinggoods online is impersonal and it kills the confidence of customers.Similarly, purchasing some items online as outfits becomesproblematic to customers as they cannot try them on before paying forthem.

Secondly,e-commerce is marred by delivery issues that are related to untimelydeliveries. Unlike traditional shops where a customer can immediatelygo home with their purchases, online buying requires one to waituntil the goods are delivered (Schäfer 38). The delivery, more oftenthan not, might take a couple of hours or days before they reach acustomer and, therefore, cannot work with emergency purchases asprescription drugs.

Further,online selling is subject to the laws of origin country as well asabide by the legislation of the nations where the customers reside.Being the youngest way of doing business, e-commerce legislation isstill experiencing significant transformations and definition. In anut shell, business legislations requirements in different countriesprovide challenges to both business owners and customers alike. Forinstance, purchase of alcohol in the US is reserved to individualswho are over 21 years. On the contrary, the UK allows individuals whoare over 18 years to purchase alcohol (Schäfer 39). Given thedifferent age restriction it is possible for a business operatingfrom UK to sell liquor to an individual who is below the age of 21 inthe US. A huge confusion might emerge while trying to decide whichlaw should be followed.

Thereis also a problem with product description. Products that areadvertised in e-commerce sites are brightly featured and customersmight worry that the features might not reflect the actual products.The issue is worsened by colors, especially considering thatcomputers do not have a universal color display as it differs inevery computer. In most cases, the descriptions of products ine-commerce sites exaggerated and this prevents customers from buyingitems online.

Finallyand, probably most important, is the security concerns withe-commerce. Basically, the financial information of customers is notentirely safe with e-commerce business transaction (Schäfer 36).Given the insufficient levels of security in e-commerce, customerscan have their identity stolen by criminals or be subjected tounauthorized use of their personal information by the companies.

Onthe contrary, there are people who would differ with the listeddrawbacks siting the many merits of e-commerce business transaction.To many, remotely located stores is one of the greatest breakthroughsthat have been attained through e-commerce. Further, it is easy tocompare the prices of products in different stores and exploredifferent alternatives for a product among different businesses(Schäfer 28). In such circumstances, a customer can purchase from abusiness that offers the most competitive prices. Finally, thephysical presence of customers is not needed in a store to makepurchases (Schäfer 29). Goods are selected, purchased and paid foronline, and customers can sit in their homes waiting for them to bedelivered.

Thepaper has established that e-commerce is heavily marred by drawbacksthat hinder it from being the ultimate way of doing business. Amongthe drawbacks include but not limited to security issues, delayeddeliveries, lack of personal touch and legislation issues. However,people who argue in favor of e-commerce quote the many advantagesthat are associated with e-commerce. However many, the advantages ofe-commerce cannot be used to cover up the obvious drawbacks thatrequire keen address.


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