Theremarks by Buckminster Fuller that the American education has evolvedthat it will be the undoing of the society are very unrealistic.First, Bucky believed that the American school system is an ignorancefactory. The school system limits the mind by suppressing theoriginal thinking(Brady, 2009).The reason behind suppression is dueto the dulled, overloaded and stuffed faculties in schools. Brady(2009) argues that the overloaded school system made people losetheir innate capacities. I fail to agree with his comments. In a bidto adjust the American schools to become less overloading, thegovernment has made the schools boring.For example, American collegestudents take the least time on schoolwork. Also, the reading andmath have remained flat especially among 17-year-olds. Compared toother countries such as China with hard studying kids, Americaneducation needs to be broadened. For example, the American kid doesless than an hour of homework. The Country’s al failureputs the United States future economic prosperity and global positionat significant risk (Kim, 2014).


TheReflection on the remarks by Marion Brady that the application ofindustrial model results into a disregard for human nature andstifles imagination sums into invalidity. The comment is invalid ifcompared to the reality of the current economies. Ivanov (2014)argues that the best definition of the industrial model is theeducation that enables someone to follow more successfully a trade orindustrial pursuit (Gaol, 2015).A large population of Americanstudents do not complete high school education. Although they quiteducation, still a majority of students end up in the industry. It ishence important to have the industrial setting that will aid intraining on how to adjusting to the industrial environment. I place ahigh value on intellectual capital. It is the primary resource forthe performance of an organization and hence an imperative resourceas compared to the rest (Anderson, 2010).


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