Effects of Bad Advice


Effectsof Bad Advice


Effectsof Bad Advice

Friendshipis supposed to bring positive happiness to the parties involved.According to Duenwald (2002), people who have strong friendship tieshave less stress and have a wide range of helping them to deal withtheir stress. At all the stages of life, friends are important asthey help to help one define priorities, steer thoughts andbehaviours among other aspects.

Thisis shows that friendship is very important in our lives. However, notall friends bring positive contributions to the relationship. Somelie, insult, mislead and or give negative advice and can as a resultbring serious effects on someone. The following is a story recountingeffects of bad advice upon a person.

Thereused to be very close friends in my elementary class two years agoand they used to share a lot together. Everybody knew they were bosomfriends and no one could dare come in between them. One of them wascalled Ralph and the other was Jason. Ralph who is the senior of thetwo came from a very high social economic family. He used to bearrogant and on many occasions he would be caught on the wrong sideof the school administration. Everyone wondered how he came tobefriend the much laid back and modest Jason.

Oneday Ralph’s parents were travelling and he was left alone in thehouse. He lured Jason and instead of Jason reporting to school, hewent to spend the day with Ralph who had skipped school. They spentmost of the day in the house until when their cleaner reported in theafternoon to find Jason laying on the kitchen floor and Ralph in thebedroom. She immediately called the ambulance and upon reaching thehospital, they were found to have excessively used bhang. Thisgreatly infuriated both their parents and led to both being expelledfrom school. It was such a pity for Jason since everyone knew he wasill advised by Ralph.


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