Emergency Medical Services

EmergencyMedical Services


Emergencymedical services have been a progressive issue in healthcareprovision due to the central location of specialized healthfacilities. As such, there is needed to take a patient to thesefacilities to receive the required treatment.

Thetwo videos start with an account of the invention in the motorvehicle field. The need for an enhanced speed in movement led greatminds to invent such simple motor vehicle as the 1886 single cylinder(0.9 hp) Benz, the 1902 single cylinder (9.7 hp) Cadillac, the 1090four cylinder (20 hp) Model T, and the 1918 four cylinder (26 hp)Chevrolet. Over time, the inventions have gone through atransformation and increased the functionality of these motorvehicles in terms of speed, size and reliability. During the war, thevehicles could be used as transportation facilities for injuredsoldiers to the health stations (Dropbox,n.d.).

Developmentin emergency healthcare started a long time ago by use of simpleanimal transportation, simple motor vehicle to the complex airtransport. Depending on the need, the form of transportation used isaimed at availing the patient to treatment as soon as possible. Sizeplayed a significant role in ensuring that the ambulance could carrysome medical facilities that could be used to care for a patientbefore they got to the hospital.

Thechallenge posed is on proper management of transportation facilitiesof these motor vehicles. Ensure that the ambulances are in shape toprovide emergency service when and when they are needed through aproper quality service management including just in time systems. Asa manager of the EMS service company, safety, availability andresponsiveness are vital to ensuring the success of the emergencyhealthcare needs. They are urged to inspire and leads in these fronts(Dropbox,n.d.).


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