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Arestaurant business needs proper management to yield profits. Theback of the house manager handles the cooks and chefs while the frontof the house manager in charge of the servers and cashiers. These twomanagers must work together to realize profits (Cooper, 2005). Thefollowing are some of the strategies that FOH and BOH managers use atthe Point of Sale to promote sales, build community relationships andgain a competitive advantage.

Thefirst step is through advertising the restaurant. Advertising usingproper channels helps reach the customers and inform them of theservices that they provide. Social media like Facebook and Twittercan help reach millions of people increasing the number of customers.The FOH and BOH managers should work together to brand the businessright in the advert with parties from each side being featured(Cooper, 2005).

Themanagement should also incorporate convenient Point Of Sale softwarefor the customer e.g. Revel iPad POS, BPA Restaurant Professional andAmigo Point of Sale. The POS system promotes efficiency, eliminatingwastage of manpower. The automated system uses less time to calculatethe bill, charge the client and relay information to the cooks on thefoods to prepare. As a result, customers become satisfied, therefore,increasing sales (&quotPOSsible Restaurant POS System&quot, n. d).


Restaurantsshould have an automated beverage control system as it helps managerstrack the flow of drinks in the restaurant enabling them to run therestaurant smoothly. The automated beverage system helps in taking abeverage order, notifying the bartender, making the bill and servingthe drink. In so doing, the system reduces time wastage, pilferage,and fraud by ensuring correct bill charges. It also provides anaccurate record of revenues from drinks.

Theautomated beverage system simplifies the work of the bartender ofconveying information to him/her without necessarily having to takethe order. The system also alters skill requirement for bartendersand make it easy to train them. It improves labor productivity, thusreducing the cost of operations of the restaurant/bar. The lack ofprice errors also ensures that no money is lost thus more profits. Italso promotes customer satisfaction through quick service as well asan accurate and uniform mixture of drinks, unlike the manual one(&quotFood and Beverage – Control System Integrators Association&quot,n. d).


Thereare various technological options for reducing food waste. Theseinclude the introduction of incentives aimed at promoting lessconsumed food. For example, the use of proper marketing strategiessuch as buy two get one free can help promote consumption of lessused food. A collection of consumption statistics for each particularfood item can help the restaurant to know what quantities of eachcommodity prepare preventing past date products (Umbreit, 2002).Finally, the use of advanced storage techniques can also help preventfood wastages in a restaurant. Modern technology in food storageshould be sought by the BOH manager as it helps prevent food fromgoing bad.


Thesystem where customers get paged whenever their table is ready can bean efficient system to reduce customer wait times. It reduces thetime used by hosts to communicate with the customers. The host doesnot waste time walking to customers and explaining to them that theirtable is ready. Instead, they can use this time in preparing thetables. Other technological solutions used to reduce wait times wouldbe booking for tables in advance so that the restaurant plans aheadof time before customers accumulate (Umbreit, 2002). Provide properdirections and information on the website and increase self-serviceopportunities using modern technology.


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