Ethical and Social Responsibility in a Business

Ethicaland Social Responsibility in a Business

Ethicaland Social Responsibility in a Business

Socialresponsibility is a moral philosophy, whereby persons are responsibleor accountable for meeting their public duty for the advantage of awhole community or a whole society. In the sense of ethical andsocial responsibility, there has to be equilibrium between monetarygrowth as well as the society’s well-being and the environs. In anycase, social responsibility can only be attained and achieved if theabove said balance is upheld.

CompanyQ’s current attitude toward social responsibility is wanting thismeans they are socially irresponsible. Social responsibility’sphilosophy is primarily based on a system of ethics. This impliesthat, not only actions but verdictsand judgments as well have to beauthenticated in an ethical manner before proceeding. In any case, ifthe verdicts or actions of any stakeholders of a company are meant tocause any form of harm to community or the environment, then thatwould be regarded as not to be socially responsible. This is more orless what is happening with Company Q’s scenario. This is seen bythe actions and decisions that the management of Company Q has taken,which are having a negative toll on the potential customersconsidered to be the society. Further, the decision of the company tooffer limited amount of health-conscious and organic products to thesaid areas is not socially responsible. Company Q is not benefitingthe society by throwing the food away. The thrown food is mostprobably causing environmental problems to the surrounding areas. Theaftermath of these actions and decisions are hurting the society atlarge. In Company Q’s case, the actions and decisions of theCompany’s management team are considered to be sociallyirresponsible.

Thereare quite a number of actions that Company Q can take to improve thecompany’s attitude toward social responsibility. These actions canbe taken based on the information described in the scenario.Company Qcan develop a system of social responsibility that is tailored to thecompany’s environment. This action will enable the company toimprove its attitude towards social responsibility. If the system isupheld within the company, there will be a balance between thecompany’s environment and its employees. By so doing, Company Q’sintegrity as well as that of its environment will be protected.

Toimprove the company’s attitude toward social responsibility, thesecond action that Company Q could take is the company could decideto change the actions as well as decisions undertaken by itsmanagement staff by coming up with regulations that have to beadhered to by all management staff. The company should not overlookthe ethical effects that are created by its management’s actions ordecisions. This could go a long way to restoring socialresponsibility in the company since the philosophy of socialresponsibility and ethics’ code is not only applied to the groupbut an individual as well. Instead of the management deciding tothrow away food, it could use it to give to the needy people in thesociety, thus creating equilibrium between the actions and decisionsof the management and the society.

CompanyQ could decide to warn or lay off the employees who are deemed to becausing low revenues due to possible stealing and fraud. Thestipulated regulations will act as a warning to the aforementionedemployees. It is the responsibility of every employee to act in anethical manner that will not cause harm to the society and thecompany. This will enable Company Q to have an economic balancebetween its employees and the environment.