Exploits Through Faith in the Word of God

ExploitsThrough Faith in the Word of God

Exploitsthrough faith in the word of God

Fourpeople from the bible


Peterwas a disciple of Jesus and after his death he became a greatpreacher who had undeterred faith in the word of God. He preachedabout the resurrection of Jesus and many believed him since his worksfeatured outstanding miracles. Through his faith in the word of God,Peter did many miracles. For instance, he healed a lame man who hemet at the entrance of a temple (Acts 3:7-11). Another wonder thatcame out of his faith in the word of God is raising Dorcus from thedead in Joppa (Acts 9: 39-42).


Mosesis a great person featured in the old testament of the bible. Hisfaith in God made him the chosen leader to lead the children ofIsrael from Egypt. His faith in the word of God made him perform anumber of miracles and wonders that forced the Egyptians to set theIsraelites free. Some of the miracles performed by God through Mosesare the plagues, which forced the Pharaoh to finally release theIsraelites for the bonds of slavery. (Exodus 9:13-16 10: 1,2).


Elijahis another great person who had total faith in the word of God.Elijah challenged the false prophets of Baal since he had great faithin his God. He did an exploit through his faith by requesting God tosend fire from heaven to burn his sacrifice, a thing that Baal couldnot do, leading the people believe that the God that Elijah worshipedwas the true God (1Kings 18:36).


Paulis a man who after being transformed, became a great believer in theword of God. Through his faith in the word of God, Paul restored thelife of Eutychus in Troas (Acts 20: 812).

Eightpeople outside the bible


BillyGraham is an American Evangelical Christian preacher (Ranker,2015).His staunch faith in God has seen him become one of the mostinfluential preachers of the Gospel in the modern world. Through hisfaith, he has healed and transformed the lives of many people aroundthe world.


BennyHinn is another popular American Televangelist. However, many peoplefault his ministry, saying that he takes advantage of his deepknowledge of the world of the lord to exploit unsuspecting believersthrough offerings, gifts and other church donations. He holds variouspublic crusades in which he performs healing miracles. He also claimsto raise the dead (Igwe, 2006).

EnochAdejare Adeboye

Adeboyeis a Nigerian-based pastor and the general Overseer of RedeemedChristian Church of God (Ranker,2015). Through God, he allegedly depends on his faith to perform variousmiracles such as healing the sick, making marriages happen,intervening for women’s fertility and solving general problemschallenging the people.

FredWaldron Phelps

Hewas an American pastor and the leader of the Westboro Baptist Churchbased in Topeka Kansas. Waldron died last year. He intermixedreligion with politics, making him one of the most influentialpolitical figures in the Christian world. In the 1992 Kansassenatorial elections, he influenced many Christians who helped himemerge as the second most popular candidate (Ranker,2015).Some of the miracles attributed to his faith are healing the sick,restoring broken marriages and guiding many souls into the kingdom ofGod.


Bonhoefferwas a Lutheran pastor based in German.Hewas a staunch Christian who begun the Confessing Church (Ranker,2015).He relied on his faith in the word of God to get the strength andcourage to oppose Hitler and his euthanasia programs.Throughhis faith in the Lord, he was able to lead thousands of anti-Hitleractivists during the Nazi regime.

DavidYungi Cho

Yungiis a Korean Christian Minister. He is the founder and head of theYoido Full Gospel Church, which boasts a membership of over onemillion. His career is ministering the word of God (Ranker, 2015).His faith in the word of God is manifested in a number of miraclessuch as healing the sick, resolving serious political conflicts andrestoring sight to a blind girl.


Nalliahis a Christian pastor based in Australia. Apart from being aninfluential Christian pastor, he heads the “Rise Up Australia”, apolitical party in his country (Ranker, 2015). One of the manymiracles attributed to her faith in God is her victory in defending alawsuit, which was started by the Islamic Council of Victoria, whichwas also featured under the Act of Victoria Racial and ReligiousTolerance.


Tong is a Chinese Indonesia based evangilist, a highly influentialfigure of the Evangelical Church in Indonesia, and great musician. Heuses his ministry to expand his church facilities, which are all overSoutheast Asia (Ranker, 2015). Some of the miracles attributed to hisfaith in the word of God is restoring speech to a dumb child,changing millions of people’s life to trust and believe in the holyword.


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