Exploring the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Exploringthe New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Exploringthe New York Metropolitan Museum of Art


Arthistory is the study of a piece of art taken from a historical eventin the context of the historical circumstances that motivated theartist to present it inthat form(Gardner &ampKleiner,2014).Historians, therefore, use works of art to articulate thesignificance if particular historical events and figures. There areseveral vita aspects that constitute art history, the person who madethe piece of art, the theme(s) of the art work,age of the art work,the person who paid for it, and the specific style the artist used.

Thecategories of art on Exhibit

Artis not only in paintings, but also other forms that constitutedifferent categories. There are different categories of art such asmedieval art, digital media, sculptures, and music instruments,paintings from different ancient societies, exhibitions, concerts,conservation, and even authors.

Apresent item that may be perceived as a piece of art in future

Aball pen is a common item today, but it will someday be in themuseums as a piece of art. The growth of technology may lead toelectronic writing, therefore, rendering ball pens obsolete. Artistswill have drawings, paintings, and even digital images of ball pensfor generations to read about.

Anexample of the a category of art work is The Arnolfini Portrait byJan Van Eyck

Theportrait shows the affluence of merchants during the earlyrenaissance period. Arnolfini’s wife lifts the expensive dressupwards and Arnolfini’s hand is raised, perhaps greeting otherpeople appearing in the mirror. The ostentatious interior reinforcesthe fact that early renaissance merchants were people of superiormeans and Arnolfini was one of them.


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