Export and sales account plan


The product

The product that we produce is in the category of vegetables and tobe specific they are the Surinamese vegetables. There are variouscategories of vegetables that occur in this range such as thepumpkins, pepper, okra, garter and the Boulanger. These are highquality vegetables which are grown following the set out standards.Our company does not export vegetables that it has bought fromfarmers, but the process starts with planting of the seeds, repottedand maintained in the farms. It is useful to state that the plantsare prevented from diseases and pests. The pesticides used aremeasured perfectly to ensure that they do not compromise the qualityof the vegetable or are in excess to cause any health issue toconsumers. Once the vegetables are mature, they are harvested andtransported to the packing shed for selection, sorting and packaging.This is the point where the vegetables for export are sorted afterbeing thoroughly washed. To ensure that the vegetables for exportremain fresh, the carriers to the airport are refrigerated.

It is essential to state that the company that is involved inexporting the vegetables is an ISO certified company. There is a teamthat is tasked with ensuring that the pesticides are applied at theright time and in right quantities. The hygiene standards that areobserved by the company are in line with the international standardshence the ability to export products to companies such as Superunie.The ISO certification is a guarantee that the company’s productsare in line with the laid down food safety standards and are packedin an eco-friendly manner.

Product description

The vegetable products that our company offers for export toSuperunie comprises of pumpkins, sopropo, garter, ochre, Boulangerand pepper. It is useful to state that these products are planted,cultivated, harvested and packaged for export using the highestquality standards. This is a guarantee that the buyer gets highquality products that are safe for human consumption. In other words,the consumer gets the value for his money when he purchases productsfrom our company.

Superunie’s business and business culture

Superunie’s business is one that involves buying goods fromacross the world, and distributing the same goods to 13 retailsupermarkets in Netherlands. The organization is a purchasing firmand hence it seeks for the cheapest yet quality products fromsuppliers across the world. Research has indicated that the firmalways seeks alternative cheap suppliers who can provide qualityproducts are lower prices. More often than not, the company will lookfor alternative suppliers who may offer rewards (Superunie, 2015).Since the business imports products from various parts of the world,it has warehouses which are either dry, frozen or chilled for storingperishable products. The company has a perfect logistics teams thatensures effectiveness and therefore the products end up being cheapto the clients.

The culture of the company’s business is centered on providingquality products at lower prices. The diverse nature of receivingsupplies ensures variety of products and quality, as well as lowerprices. The business has a culture of ensuring that the suppliers arecomfortable and that they are paid on time. This is why the companyintroduced the supply chain finance in 2014 as a way of ensuring thatthe suppliers are paid quickly and timely (Superunie, 2015). Thissupply chain finance provides the suppliers with financing whichenables them to reduce debts, have cash flow and strengthen theirfinancial positions. This system has also enable the suppliers ofSuperunie to receive payments of approved invoices electronicallywithin one business day. It is essential to state that this systemhas no transaction fees for the clients and it help to balance thecash inflow and outflow for the clients. It is abundantly clear thatthe business culture of the company is that of satisfying both thecustomers and the suppliers. The suppliers are paid on time and theclients are provided with quality products. It is also the culture ofthe business to provide the clients with sustainable and affordableproducts. It is worth noting that most of the retail supermarkets arefamily business and therefore customer loyalty is paramount(Superunie, 2015). This can only be achieved through the provision ofquality and affordable products.

The decision making process at Superunie

The primary decisions at Superunie involves deciding whetherproducts purchased from the suppliers are safe for human consumptionand whether they are of the standard international quality. Productspurchased for private labels for Superunie members must be of therequired quality. The quality department at Superunie is tasked withthe responsibility of deciding whether products that have beenimported from other countries meet he required standards and quality.The department also decides on the safety status of the food productsthat the company has imported from abroad (Superunie, 2015). However,it is useful to state that the safety of the products has to beguaranteed by a third independent party in accordance to the GFSIquality standards. Additionally, before the decision on the qualityand safety of products is arrived at, certified laboratories test thequality and safety of the products. Lastly, consumer panels also testthe safety and the quality of the products. The tests are done toensure or ascertain that the products with the Superunie privatelabels have a similar quality to those of other market leaders.

Besides the laboratory and the consumer tests, there is alsosupplier auditing where the company must receive an inspection reportfrom the suppliers showing that their products are safe for humanconsumption (Superunie, 2015). There is also monitoring or the randominspections, which are used to find out whether all the productsbeing purchased matches the specifications they have been given. Thedecision making unit at the company comprises of the chief executiveofficer, Dick Roozen, the chairman,Bart Jan,director of procurement, Gerard Van Dulmen, chief finance officer,Guus Slik and the procurement manager Joachim Nieuwhoff. These arethe people who are tasked with the responsibility of making decisionson behalf of the company. It is however, worth noting that the CEOcannot make decisions on his own, but must consult with the othersenior managers mentioned above. The decion making process is thatone of democracy where each and every member’s opinion is heard isheard and a vote is cast to arrive at any decision. However , moreoften than not, the managers tend to agree unanimously on numerousoccassions(Superunie, 2015). The decisionsthat the team above makes is always final and the other members canotindeed challenge the decision. The managers consult with the retailsupermarket owners before making major decisions that might affecttheir business. This may be with regard to the quality of theproducts they import or the quantity of each product to import.

Communication style

Our company applies an assertive communicationstyle where there is mutual respect between the sender and thereceiver of the message. This is a comunication style that is betweenbeing aggressive and being passive. The comunication style enables usto achieve our goals without hurting others and also enables thecompany to ask for what is needs. Additionally, this is acommunication style where the company knows its rights and alsorespects the rights of others. This is a communication style thatalso enables the company to make its own choices and be responsiblefor them. The comunication style makes use of terms such as please,kindly, would you mind to convince the other party. In other words,this is a communication that is respectful.

This is a communication style that has enabledthe company to successed in many fronts. It is convining style ofcommunication that is respectful and makes the company to achieveits rights. It is also vial to state that the company selected thiscommuication style de to the fact that there is mutual respectbetween the two business entities. Through this communication style,the company can be able to ask for its share of the deal such aspayments for deliveries in a humane and respecful manner. The stylealso uses a respectful language and also accepts criticism orcorrection when wrong. This ensures that the company has a room forimproment and for correcting mistakes when it goes wrong. Anotherstrength of this communication style is the achievement of goals ofthe company. The communication style works towards meeting thedemands of the company and ensuring that the set goals of the companyare met. The communication between our company and Superunie ismainly through emails and phone conversations. Our employees alwaysobserve politeness in their conversations and focus on the issue athand.

Reflection on telephone conversations

The main form ofcommmunication between our company and Superunie is throughthe phone. The conversations are mainly regarding supplies of thevegetables. Our sales representatives communicate with therepresentatives from Superunie regarding the supply of vegetables.The conversation is mainly friendly and focuses on ensuring that theprocurement department at Superunie is convinced and offers ourcompany a chance to supply the vegetables. This is solely done duringthe working hours. The phone conversations always maintainprofessional conduct and respectful language. It is through phoneconversations that the team from our company is able to ask forclarifications from the Superunie procurement department. Requests tosupply vegetables are also made through the phone conversations.

Another aspect that has been paramount in the phone conversations isthe fact that the answers got are immediate and to the point. This isas opposed to the emails which might take a long time to be respondedto. Our phone conversations have always been fruitful and have alwaysled to business transactions. Negotiations arealso made through the phone conversations regarding the prices of thevegetables and the payment modes and period. Our phone conversationsare always recorded for future reference.

Reflection on sales meeting

Our company has had various sales meetings whichhave proved to be very fruitful. The sales meetings focused onexporting vegetables to Superunie company. It was evident fromthe meeting that Superunie is a reputable company that for quality.The meeting resolved that exporting to Superunie would enhance thequality of the products that our company as growing and selling. Itwas also evident from the meeting that the prices offered and thequick payment from Superunie was attractive and would offerprofitable business for the company. It was clear that all membersfrom the company unanimously agreed that it was prudent to exportvegetables to Superunie.

The sales meeting, which was attended by the company CEO aimed atincreasing sales and venturing into new market. The new market was tobe an international market that would offer a steady market and thatwould pay for the exports in a price that guarantees profit for thecompany. Superunie was the company that people in attendance thoughtwould offer a steady and profitable market. This was owing to itshistory and successful operation for the last 59 years.

Decision making unit

The decision making unit comprises of the senior managers whodiscuss issues among themselves and come up with decisions that arebest for the company. There are various strict procedures that arefollowed in the decision making process. For instance, when thesenior manager, namely the CEO, chief finance officer, marketingmanager and sales manager fail to agree on an issue, they vote. Thismay sometimes lead to a tie where the CEO has the authority to makethe final decision. The company may at times take opinions and viewsfrom the junior employees and factor them in the decision making.

Conclusion and recommendations

The decisions to export vegetables to Superunie is a timely and willprove to be successful. It is clear that the organization has been inexistence for the last 59 years and it therefore has sufficient andready market for its products that it imports from other countries.Vegetables supplied by our company will indeed fetch a good price anda ready market due to their quality. The payment method introduced bythe organization that sees the suppliers being paid in a day is awelcome move. This will ensure that the company has constant flow ofcash and pays debts on time. There will be a steady market for theproducts of the company in Netherlands. Additionally, the companywill have an opportunity to maintain quality products and to abide bythe international hygiene and safety standards.

It is recommended that the company continues to enhance the businesswith Superunie organization and also to increase the number orcategories of vegetables that they export. It is also paramount tomaintain the quality of the products and to enhance human safetymeasures.


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