Faith Based Article


FaithBased Article

Article:Busenitz, I. A. (2008). “Marriage and homosexuality, towards abiblical understanding”, TheMaster’s Seminary Journal,19(2), p 203-216.

Homosexualityis one of the most contentious issues in the modern society. Some ofthe contentions related to homosexuality relates to morality andreligious beliefs. Christians have been in the frontline againsthomosexuality and same sex marriage in the society. This is articleseeks to handle the sensitive issue of homosexuality from a biblicalperspective. There is no doubt that the propaganda in favor ofhomosexuality in the modern world has made direct attack on thebiblical definition of sexuality and marriage. For a biblical pointof view, homosexuality destroys marriage, which is the foundation ofthe society. The article argues that Christian principles dictatethat marriage is a union between male and female only. This isexpresses in different biblical stories and teachings including theaccounts of creation in the book of genesis. The Christian oppositionto homosexuality and same sex marriage is based on the purpose ofcreation. The article refers to teaching of the bible in both the NewTestament and Old Testament on what Christian believes and valuesapproves of a sexual relationship.

Fora Christian perspective, the article gives a valid argument againsthomosexuality. The article defines what Christian traditions defineas a family and sexual relationships. However, the modern society isdivergent in morality and thoughts. Although the arguments are validto a Christian, they may not hold water to an individual who does notsubscribe to Christian religion. Additionally, liberal Christians areincreasingly becoming more tolerant to divergent sexual orientations.Nonetheless, the article seeks to answer pertinent questions in themodern society.


Busenitz,I. A. (2008). “Marriage and homosexuality, towards a biblicalunderstanding”, TheMaster’s Seminary Journal,19(2), p 203-216.