Family History


Thehistory of a family is exceedingly critical in understanding ofgenetic diseases. It is through understanding a family history thatone can be in a position to fathom why some diseases are prevalent ina family. Genetic diseases can run in families because of thepresence of certain genes possessed by members in a given family. Forinstance, there may be a certain cancer cell running through a familythat may be responsible for causing a certain cancer in the family.Although genetic diseases have been perceived as beingnon-manageable, it is possible to manage them because some of themjust require the family having a genetic disease to change its ways.For example, sometimes a genetic disease may be fought within afamily through changing the nutrition or lifestyle that runs across afamily.

Fromthe family tree, it is evident that there are some diseases that arehereditary. From my father’s family, arthritis can be considered tobe either genetic or non-genetic. This is because it just affected mygrandmother and no one else within the father’s family. Besides, inmy father’s family, there seems to be colorectal cancer that is notgenetic because it seems not to run through the family and is usuallycaused by risk factors like smoking.

Incontrast, when it comes to my mother’s family history, it isevident that there are some genetic and non-genetic diseases that runthrough the family. One of the genetic diseases running through thefamily is arthritis. There seems to be a certain gene responsible forarthritis in the family. This is because my grandfather, grandmother,and mother seem to have arthritis. Another disease that may be seento be genetic on the side of my mother’s family is hyperplasia ofmammary glands. Hyperplasia of mammary glands has affected mygrandmother as well as my mother. Also, hypertension within thefamily, which is indicated through my grandfather and my father, isan indication that there are certain genes playing part in causingthe disease and these genes are within the family lineage.

Incase there are no interventions undertaken, it seems there arecertain diseases that will continue to run within the family lineage.One such disease is breast cancer. In the mother’s family, there ishyperplasia of the mammary glands. This hyperplasia may become a riskfactor for breast cancer. Besides, hypertension and arthritis areother diseases that may continue to run through the family line incase no interventions are made.

Inorder to prevent the diseases within the family from progressing, itis important to change the manner in which the family members dotheir things. One of the ways entails observing their lifestyle. Fromthe family, it is evident that there is hypertension and colorectalcancer. These diseases may be as a result of smoking behavior thatmay cut across the family. Besides, alcoholism may also be a reason.It is important for family members to change their lifestyle. On theother hand, arthritis and hypertension may be managed within thefamily by changing the way the family eats. In the case, of cancer,it can be managed within the family by early detection in the familythrough early screening and conducting surgery in order to removecells that may be perceived to be at high peril of becomingcancerous.