Family Shows and Familial Relationships


FamilyShows and Familial Relationships

Differentfamily television shows base their content in ways that portrayfamilial relationships differently. This discussion will explore the“FamilyGame Night”and the Secretsand WivesTelevision shows aired in the United States, in addition to theModernFamilyshow. At the same time, the TV show has diverse family structureswith some relationships close, while others have distanced andinfluenced by divorce.

Thisis different from the television series “FamilyGame Night”which portrays the closeness of nuclear families compared to theextended type of families. On the other hand, the Secretsand Wives TVseries portrays dysfunctional families as it presents how familyrelationships are interfered with by marriage conflicts and divorce.The TV show also portrays diversity in family relationships byshowing different types that do not follow any certain structure.

Despitethese differences familial relationships in the three televisionshows portray one main similarity the problem of divorce that hashit the modern families. This is because the effect of divorceappears in all the three shows. It portrays as a threat to familyunit as discussed by Stephanie Coontz as a problem in modern Americanfamilies (Henslin,431).Moreover, the three television shows portray family size as asignificant factor in the effectiveness of the familialrelationships. In all the three shows, the lesser the number offamily members, the more the family is closely knit. Anothersimilarity is that the man maintains the traditional sense of beingthe head of the family. However, the television show “Secretsand Wives”portrays women to be more assertive than in the other two shows.

Structurefactor of the target audience contributes to the differences in theway the three television shows portray familial relationships. Whilethe ModernFamiliesfocus the general audience of all ages, the “Secretsand Wives”target the middle aged women audience. On the other hand, the “FamilyGame Night”targets a much older audience compared to the other two. Thedifferences in the three shows portray the significance of the targetaudience to the focus of the TV series.


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