Fashion design




Theeffective marketing of LaPearwill be influenced by the strategies adopted by the marketing team inlaunching the product. It is important to note that the fashionindustry is very competitive. Some of the largest market players inthe industry include Armani, Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, Escada,Michael Kors and Versace among others. Additionally, customer tendsto develop loyalty for more developed and recognized brands. As aresult, a good number of new brands in the market are not successful.Therefore, launching La Pear brand in the market should be a step bystep process to reduce the likelihood of sudden death. The mostimportant steps includes identify a specific target market within thefashion industry that the marketing strategy will concentrate on aswell as the most competitive prices to introduce the product. Some ofthe initial questions that are essential in launching the fashionbrand include who are the targeted customers? Who are the bestconsumers for the fashion brand? What is their profession? What istheir age? Where do they live? What are their demographics (age,geographical distribution, level of education and social or culturalbackgrounds)? What are their lifestyles (interests, hobbies,entertainment activities)? By answering these questions, it ispossible to determine whether LaPearis best suited for the targeted clientele. Launching the producttargeting the wrong clientele will lead to failure, not because theproduct is bad, but because it does not reach the right customers.This information is critical because of two main reasons. First, theinformation gives the designer and the marketing team to makenecessary adjustment to the product in order to match the needs ofthe customer. Secondly, the information enables the marketing teamdevelops the most appropriate methods of reaching the potentialclient as well as developing an effective sales promotion strategy(Easey. 2011).

Forexample, the target clientele for theLa Pear fashionbrand are young and fashionable in their twenties and early thirties.These individuals are very informed about the most recent fashiontrends. Additionally, there are less influenced traditional orcultural believes, but are more influenced by peers and what happensin the mass media. They also tend to identify with celebrities in thefashion world. This information will be very essential in launchingthe LaPear fashionbrand. For example, the marketing team will benefit by using one ofthe well known celebrities in fashion in advertisement and promotionmaterials. Additionally, by identifying the mass media and onlinesocial media that have an influence on the fashion adopted by thetargeted clients, the team will be able to identify the mostappropriate media to use in the marketing strategies.

Acquiringthe demographic and lifestyle information about the targetedclientele is the most essential step in launching the LaPearfashion brand. There are varies channels through which the marketingteam can use to know the potential customers. However, in launchingLaPearfashion, the most important is what information is necessary todetermine who the most appropriate targeted clientele are.Additionally, it is also important to determine the channels throughwhich the marketing teams will use to reach the targeted client. Forexample, the marketing team can decide to sell directly to theconsumers or through fashion outlets. This will also be influenced bythe characteristics of the targeted clients as well as the nature ofthe products. In the case of LaPear,marketing directly to the targeted customers will be moreappropriate. This is because the brand is less recognized in themarket. However, it is very essential for the fashion brand to appearin leading fashion stores. This will be implemented progressively asthe brand name strengthens in the market. Due to the nature of thetargeted clientele, social media networks are the most appropriatefor launching the LaPear fashionbrand. The targeted customers are the main users of the online socialmedia sites. Therefore, an effective social media strategy will havea huge impact on the marketability of the fashion brand. Theadvantages of using social media marketing strategies in launching LaPearfashion brand includes its ability to promote brand recognition andloyalty, higher conversion rates, ability to incorporate customerservices, high traffic and cost effectiveness (Easey. 2011).

Thepricing strategy adopted by the marketing team will have huge impactsin the success of LaPearbrand in the market. It is important to note that there is a hugevariation in prices between different fashion brands in the market.More recognized brands are considered to be more prestigious andtherefore relatively more expensive. Very high prices will scareaware some potential clients since the brand are new in the market.On the other hand, in the fashion industry, very low prices may sendthe wrong message to potential client. Prices have an influence onthe perceive quality and elegance of the product in the fashionindustry (Easey. 2011). It is therefore important to carefullyanalyze the market before arriving at the most appropriate prices.


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