Fiedler`s Contingency Model

Fiedler`sContingency Model


Fiedler`scontingency model was proposed by a scientist called fielder in the1960’s. It is a leadership model that looks at situations ascomplex systems and proposes how to go about. In his argument,Fielder opines that there is no such thing as best leadership stylethat could be applied in all situations. Instead, the effectivenessof leadership depends on the circumstances surrounding a situation.He explains this as two-factor variables featuring the leadershipstyle and situational favorableness.

Inthe leadership style, identifying a suitable style is the first step.He believed that a leadership style is a fixed condition and that theeffectiveness of the leadership can be measured using a scale that hedeveloped and named it least-preferred Co-worker scale. The methodworks by asking a person to give their opinions about a person whothey have worked with. Many factors are considered ranging fromfriendliness and hostility of the person. The person has to rate allthe factors using the scale provided. Task-oriented leaders tend toscore a lower score on the scale, and these types of leaders areeffective in accomplishing a task. Relationship-oriented leadersscore a higher mark since they focus so much on personal connectionswhile neglecting the most important aspect of accomplishing the task(Strube &amp Garcia, 2001).

Situationalfavorableness comes after determining the leadership style. It isaccomplished on three grounds as discussed below. The first isleader-member relations and involve instilling confidence in yourfollowers as a leader. The next is the task structure that refers tothe task complexity and the way they apply skills to accomplish thesame. Lastly is leader’s position power that depicts the power andauthority held by the leaders that enable them to direct and initiateperformance of task?


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