Final Cumulative Report and Reflection of Portfolio Project


Final Cumulative Report andReflection of Portfolio Project

Point Of Sale System (POS) Cumulative and Reflection Report

Reflection on initial answers to the EQ based on learningexperience of this project

The development of the Point of Sale Project for restaurants offeredme an intensive experience on how technology can be integrated inmodern business management. Through the POS project I learned thatwhen systems such as POS are used they make overall work easier inbusiness operations. One important learning aspect of the POS projectis that it expanded my view on the various operations that POS systemhelps in improving efficiency. While developing the POS system Ilearned that POS helps in saving space, cost, time and allow multiplefunctions for successful business operations.

The rationale of management team’s final choice of a POS system

The choice of the POS system project for hotel was informed byvarious rationales. One aspect considered when designing a POS systemfor hotel is the POS system capacity to perform multiple tasks(Chopra and Meindl, 2004). Point of sale system helps in combiningservices and thus making them faster. Clients are able to make ordersearly at any particular time thus reducing the time clients wait fororders to be processed compared to old systems (Williamson, 2007). Inaddition, the POS choice helps clients add meal services besidestheir guest services when making reservations. The POS system wasselected because it can be customized and designed to offer completemobile capabilities (Kasavana &amp Cahill, 2003). Improvingefficiency and work supervision was another rationale that informedthe choice of POS system for hotel. For instance, hotel managers canfollow closely all activities in the hotel through a one stop POStechnology. POS system helps in tracking down all financial recordsthus improving business profits.

How the POS system technology assisted the general manager inmaking her restaurant business decisions and suggestions for positivechange

Point of Sale system automates complete sale and purchasetransactions at the point of sale. POS makes financial records easierto track and reduce workload associated with traditional input datasystems. The Point of sale system is an important tool when makingsales supply and marketing. It is easier for managers to assessservices and products that are on demand. Managers are able to makeinventory assessment easily thus enhancing efficient checks on stock.In the accounting department managers are able to track financialtransactions and make accurate financial decisions. My suggestionsare that since the POS system is effective on mobiles, clients canbe advised to use POS system through their phones to enhance moreefficient services. The other suggestion is that it is important thatall staff be trained on the operation of POS system to avoid fraud orother financial errors.

Explanation on how I believe I could apply what I have learned inthis project to become successful in the workforce.

The knowledge gained through the POS system project is useful invarious work setting. In part I learned how POS system can be used toimprove efficiency in information management, making financialtransaction follow-up and reducing time wastage. I believe I canapply the POS system in managing supply and marketing aspects in myorganization. The POS system could be used to make clients workeasier by recording all aspects required by the client prior to theirfirst contact with organization. If I were HR I could use the POSsystem to manage my workforce movement even without watching them. Icould also apply POS system to track all purchases and financialtransaction made each day and thus be able to assess financial errorsbefore its late and in this way I could become successful in my work.


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