Finite Mathematics Unit VII Intro to Statistics

FiniteMathematics Unit VII Intro to Statistics

FiniteMathematics Unit VII Intro to Statistics

Statisticsin the Media

Inan article titled “Americans:Overworked, Overstressed”written by Dean Schabner and published on 14thMay 2015 in the ABC News website (ABC News, on August 13, 2015) startling statistics are espoused tosupport the finding that Americans are the most overworked andstressed among the industrial nations. Reviewing the outcomes ofthree research works by Jill Fraser, Juliet Schor and Joanne Ciulla,Dean Schabner note that other than being the most overworked, theAmericans are faced with concerns around job security in which thosewho are “lucky” to retain their jobs have to put up with workingmore hours. To support her premise that Americans are the mostoverworked, the writer augments from the empirical researches thatmore than 25 million Americans, who form about 20.5% of the totalworkforce worked an average of 49 hours per week. Moreover, 11million of these groups worked 59 hours per week and about 22 of the25 million workers reported work-related stress.

Thisarticle by Dean Schabner is replete with constructs of statistics.The number of Americans who worked reported to work 49 hours a weekis 25 million (population)is expressed as a percentageof the total population. The use of percentages a measure ofproportionsto present information is the most widely accepted in modern practice(Lial et al, 2012). The number of hours worked per week (49 hours) bythis population is presented as an arithmeticaverage(or mean). Further, the assertion that about 22 million of thoseinterviewed reported work-related stress is a presentation of themodein the category of relating work to stress in a refined manner ofpresenting information. In summary, the article “Americans:Overworked, Overstressed” byDean Schabner reveals expressively the use of statistical concepts,that is, population, mean, percentages and mode.


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