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Forum Week 5

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Adolescence:Here We Grow Again!

Beforechildren become adults, they pass through various stages in life. Atthe age of 18 years the society considers the individual to be anadult. Additionally, individuals at this age try to act as adults.However, the last stage of childhood, the adolescent stage is with nodoubt the most important stage in an individual development. Thereare numerous changes that take place, physical, mental andpsychological. Although the changes may vary from one individual toanother major changes are expected between the age of 12 and 18years. In girls, they begin to develop breasts and are fullydeveloped by the age of 18 years. Pubic hair, armpit air and leg hairmay also begin to grow at this age. Later, menarche, menstrualperiods, occurs after other development, but can occur as early asnine years and as late as sixteen years. However the average age atwhich menarche occurs is 12 years. However, the most changes in girlsduring adolescent are the growth spurt. Boys also experience growthin their genitals, which are fully grown at the age of 18 yearspubic hair, chest, leg and facial hair also begin to grow. Whilepuberty in girls is marked by beginning of menstrual periods, inboys, it is marked by wet dreams. Boys also experience changes intheir voices and growth spurt during adolescence (Dacey et al, 2008).

Thesephysical changes have result into psychological and behavioralchanges in adolescent, making it a delicate stage in life. The youngperson becomes sensitive and conscious and in some cases worriedabout the physical changes in their body. This happens when thesechanges occurs when they are unaware of them or do not occur smoothlyor in a regular schedule. The psychological changes may result intoseveral challenges such as loss of personal identity or increasedsexual feeling (Dacey et al, 2008).

Fromthe experience of my peers, majority of the people follow thesepatterns. However, few cases of irregular development have occurredamong my peers. For example, some of my peers had facial hair (boys)several years before their age mates. Also, I know of a friend whosemenstrual periods began before her ninth birthday.


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