Free Speech and The Handmaid’s Tale Discussion

Student’sNameProfessor’sNameCourseDate FreeSpeech and TheHandmaid’s TaleDiscussionThefreedom of speech is one of the fundamental universal rights thatshould be upheld at all times for liberal citizens in a liberalcountry. However, the right of free speech is normally controversialin both the law or in the application in different countries. In theUnited States the controversy is in the application of free speechlaws, with people overusing the privilege. However, in the dystopianRepublic of Gilead in the book TheHandmaid`s Tale,there is hardly any freedom of speech. In light of this comparison,this discussion seeks to understand what the free speech conceptshould be. The discussion will illustrate the importance of freespeech and the need for the responsible use the freedom.Freespeech is important, but it should not be used by citizens to thedetriment of others. The case of a man threatening his wife orconfederate flag illustrates the irresponsible use of free speech.The dystopia nation of Gilead in the book shows how freedom can bedenied irresponsibly by the authorities and affects both men andwomen (Atwoood 1). Therefore, in nations where governments honor freespeech laws, citizens must responsibly use it. The controversy in theUnited States shows a society that is taking existence of free speechfor granted. The debate about free speech in America shows lack ofresponsibility by citizens to adore freedom that is lacking in othercountries. Freespeech should exist in the world to create responsible governancethat promotes human rights. The book on the Gilead Republic teachesthe world that free speech should exist in a coherent society thatdoes not risk plunging into dystopia. The dystopian society reflectshow the real world can turn to if the rights and privacy of thepopulation are not considered in the world today (Scatton 1). In thiscase, free speech should be provided to the society to promote theairing of issues that lead to a dystopian society. The lack of freespeech in the Republic of Gilead gets worse to the extent thatrevolutionists get to overthrow the government and suspend theconstitution (Scatton 1). Thefreedom of speech should be universal and cut across the divide ofpeople in a country and should not favor one faction or another. Theproblem or controversy with the freedom of speech is that citizenssometimes are not responsible about the freedom that comes along withfree speech. A perfect example is the debate over confederate flag,where the right to fly it and right to voice an opinion over it arein play (Heath 1). The controversy comes where some people want tofly it at the psychological agony of others. This shows that somepeople are not responsible of the situation by failing to considerthe historical effect of the flag. Freespeech is important for governance, as its importance is mostlyrealized when it is denied. People realize the need for free speechwhen they are not allowed to practice the basic freedom as auniversal right. The book TheHandmaid`s Taleperfectly paints a picture of how the situation would be if theUnited States citizens are deprived the free speech right. In theRepublic of Gilead, the nation is under the theocracy of militarydictatorship, where ordinary citizens have no freedom of speech(Atwood 1). As much as they are against the dictatorial government,they cannot talk about it because of the level of freedom gaggingthat is in the state. This indicates the importance of free speech,compared to countries that enjoy freedom of speech a fundamentalhuman right.Freespeech should give people a chance to air their views in a civilmanner that does not affect other citizens as well as the state. Thelevel of free speech in America is high, and gives people the freedomto speak without being gagged (Heath 1). However, where free speechis denied, people result in uncivil ways that lead to dictatorship.The situation in the Republic of Gilead illustrates the uncivilizedextents of using violence and dictatorship to turn the society into adystopia (Scatton 1). This makes the book a relevant dystopianliterature that foreshadows the effect of the current trends in thefuture (Lore 1). Therefore, nations should seek to build governmentson the basis of human rights and promotion of free speech other thanon state bureaucracy (Atwood 1).Theexistence of free speech is an important aspect of the modern worldbecause it is a fundamental human right. Free speech should thereforebe allowed to all citizens without any discrimination on any basis.However, freedom of speech should be applied responsibly by both thestate and the citizens to ensure that no party uses the free speechlaws at the expense of the other. At the same time, free speechshould not be taken for granted in the society to disregard itsimportance in a democratic country. This shows that free speech isimportant for a country, but should be upheld responsibly.


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