Global Views and Theory Development in the Field of Nursing

GlobalViews and Theory Development in the Field of Nursing


GlobalViews and Theory Development in the Field of Nursing

Nursesprovide crucial services to their clients, but this is only achievedby nurses who are knowledgeable about the specific needs of theirclients. Nursing theory is a rigorous and creative structure of ideaused to project purposeful view of phenomena (Alligood, 2013). Nurseslearn more about the changing needs of their clients by interactingwith fellow healthcare professionals across the globe as well as theconsumers of their services. This regular interaction give nurses anopportunity to incorporate the world views in their theoreticalunderstanding of the nursing practice AmericanSentinel(2015). By sharing experiences and findings on evidence-basedstudies, nurses are able expand the body of knowledge that makes upthe nursing theory. This resulted in a significant improvement in thequality of care and nurses’ capacity to meet the specific needs oftheir clients.

Currently,there are many strategies that nurses can use to stay current, butthree of them are more important. First, attending conferences canhelp nurses keep track of clinical practices (Benton, 2012). Someconferences conduct certification review classes, which allow nursesto expand their theoretical understanding of the trends and nursingpractices in general. Secondly, subscribing to professional journalscan help a nurse understand what other nurses are doing in terms ofresearch and how their findings are impacting the evidence-basedpractices. This is because most of the empirical studies in the fieldof nursing are published in professional journal from whereregistered nurses and other professionals can access them (Benton,2012). Third, joining committees that focus on policy development andeducational offerings can be an opportunity for a nurse to learn moreby doing.

Inconclusion, nursing is an ever dynamic field, which forces nurses touse appropriate strategies to keep their practices up-to-date. Inaddition, global views affect policy development by helping nurseslearn from empirical studies and the experiences of their peers fromdifferent parts of the world.


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