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HardRock Café

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HardRock Café

HardRock Café is regarded as the largest café restaurant with over 1100seats on two of its main levels. Due to the large consumer base HardRock experiences on a daily basis, scheduling its services andemployees is paramount in order for them to remain relevant in therestaurant business. This paper will discuss the scheduling at HardRock Café.

Theimplementation of the scheduling software, the General Manager (GM)of , Mr. Hoffman has increased productivity whilemaintaining flexibility among all his employees. It’s due to thissoftware that has remained relevant in the businessbecause all of its 160 servers are utilized with utmost efficiency toensure that all consumers are treated with professionalism as theemployees. Other café restaurants have been faced with schedulepredicaments because of the high number of employees and flow ofcustomers leading to overstaffing. Fortunately, for ,the scheduling software allows the GM to coordinate all his employeesduring their busiest shifts at lunch and dinner time. Furthermore,the scheduling is based on consumer market research whereby theManagement at Hard Rock calls event organizers, hotel booking agentsand other social event planners to get first-hand information ifthere is a concert or conference so that they can schedule the numberof employees who will work in the kitchen, bar and at the tables.This consumer market survey allows Hard Rock to conduct forecastsales on a weekly or monthly basis so that the Management knows thepossibility of making profits or losses compared with the previousyear. Scheduling impacts productivity as employees tasked withcertain crucial responsibilities are working during busy customershifts especially during lunch and dinner. Moreover, is able to handle large flow of customers during such busy periods.

Inconclusion, scheduling software is based on employee status, wherebysenior employees are mandated to work on specific days and hours sothat their expertise and professionalism is utilized to the benefitof the restaurant.


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