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HealthCare Marketing

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HealthCare Marketing

Marketingis defined as the process of advertising products and services sothat the company’s products and services are made available to theconsumers. In a healthcare organization, marketing is done by themarketing department which showcases the organizations’ medicalstaff, equipment and treatment plans. This paper will describe theelements of successful marketing within a healthcare organization.

Successfulmarketing requires a comprehensive understanding of consumer wantsand needs which is determined through marketing research. Thisresearch involves the gathering of consumer data based on theirpreferred needs and wants (Berkowitz,2011).Therefore, the elements of successful marketing include product,price, place and promotion commonly known as the 4Ps. Product refersto goods, services or ideas offered by the healthcare facility to itstargeted market. The nature of the product in a healthcareorganization would be either a medical device or procedure that isurgently needed by a patient. Advanced technology has changed thenature of medical products to incorporate services as well such astherapies for mental and psychological health. In the United States,the Contracted Emergency Physician (CEP) organization is responsiblefor offering medical services to patients admitted in emergencyunits. Currently, there is a global increase of medical costs whichhas been influenced by increased number of illnesses and diseasesacross the world. In developed nations, for instance, the annual andmonthly premium for medical insurance has increased forcing mostpeople to seek alternative medical insurance. Hence, price is a majormarketing factor within the healthcare sector (Morden,1993).Place influences peoples’ option of seeking and accessing medicalattention. Due to the increased healthcare plans made available toconsumers, patients are in support for medical centers that areeasily accessible to them on a 24/7 basis. Health insurance companiesand Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) have enforced promotionaltactics to entice people to buy medical insurance coverage. Inaddition, some healthcare centers have promoted their services byoffering patients in-hospital physician services (Hillestad&amp Berkowitz, 2013).

Inconclusion, these four elements of successful marketing haverevolutionized the business world because marketing is one the majoraspects through which companies utilize in order to reach out to itstarget market.


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