Health organization case study


Dignity Health

Dignity health is one of the leading health organizations in theUnited States and it is a non-governmental organization that providesquality and affordable healthcare services to the American people.The organization’s health center and hospitals span across 17states in America and there are plans underway to expand even toother states. Dignity Health is dedicated to providing healthcareservices to the citizens at a lower cost (Kelly et al., 2013). Theorganization has plans of expanding and increasing the number ofemployees who will work in their facilities. It is useful to statethat the organization has now grown and has presence in 20 states inthe US (Johnson, 2014). The expansion that the organization isengaging in will ensure that it can care for numerous citizens acrossvarious states in America. The organization is acquiring facilitiesespecially the outpatient facilities. These are facilities where theorganization can provide various healthcare services to the patients.It is also evident from research that the healthcare organization ispartnering with non-Catholic partners who assist in the provision ofservices. These non-Catholic healthcare organizations are essentialin helping Dignity health to provide services to the people for thenext one decade (Gerwig, 2015).

With over 10000 physicians and 56000 employees, it is clear that theorganization is indeed ready to provide services for the next 10years. These are numerous physicians and employees who can drive thevision of the organization ahead. The turnaround of the organizationfrom making a loss into making enormous profit is an indicationenough that the organization is indeed ready to provide healthcareservices to the American citizens (Gerwig, 2015). The healthcareorganization continues to hire and employ more skilled physicians tohandle the ever rising conditions. Although the employees willrequire fund to be paid, it is abundantly clear that the organizationis already in the profit making zone. Additionally, the partners ofDignity Health will be of immense help when addressing the healthissues of citizens. The organization has also embraced moderntechnology that is incorporated in the healthcare system. Thesetechnology will make it easy for the employees and physicians toadminister and follow the progress of the patients towards recovery(Gerwig, 2015).

One area that will be extremely vital for the organization is tohave a good network across various states in America to provide careto as many people as possible. This is being done through thepartnerships that the organization is having with both Catholic andnon-Catholic organizations. The organization has also embarked onplans to acquire healthcare centers and outpatient facilities acrossvarious states in order to take services closer to the people. Withan employee of base of 56000, it is abundantly clear that thehealthcare organization is indeed creating wide networks (Johnson,2014). A recent announcement that the organization is planning tospend $ 70 million on expansions is yet another indication of how thehealthcare organization is seeking to develop networks for futureprovision of healthcare. The disassociation of Dignity Health withthe Catholic Church was also a great step towards establishingrelationships that would be essential in creating vital networks withother healthcare organizations such as Blue Shield of California.

When the healthcare organization is expanding, it must put intoconsideration the need for staffing. There must be healthcareproviders such as nurses in the various facilities of theorganization across the various states (Kelly et al., 2013). This isthe case with Dignity Health which has 56000 employees among whichthere are 10000 physicians. This is a clear indication that staffingof nurses is sufficient and therefore the organization can indeedcater for the health needs of citizens. It is also useful to statethat the organization requests the services of nurses from itspartners in healthcare provision (Gerwig, 2015). The expansion thatthe health organization is going through is cognizant of the staffingneeds and therefore all the facilities across the various states arestaffed with nurses who are ready and qualified to provide qualityhealthcare services to the citizens.

Resource management is essential to the growth, expansion andsuccess of the healthcare organization. In order for the organizationto provide quality services, it is paramount to have effectiveresource management. When Dean took over the leadership of theorganization in the year 2000, research has indicated that theorganization had losses which were totaling to over $ 800000 million(Johnson, 2014). However, prudent resource management, streamliningthe decision making process and getting rid of numerous middle levelmanagers saved the organization millions of dollars annually. Thissaw the organization get back to profit making within four years.Being a non-profit organization, Dignity Health always ensures thatit uses its resources prudently and efficiently in order to serve thepeople that it is meant to serve (Kelly et al., 2013). It is clearfrom research that the organization relies heavily on donations andtherefore the management is answerable to the donors. Before Deanjoined the organization as the CEO, the organization had an expansionplan where it was purchasing acute care hospitals such as St. Mary`sRegional Medical Center (Johnson, 2014). However, this was consideredas an extremely expensive affair and the new CEO stopped this trend.For effective resource management, the organization opted to formpartnerships with various organizations where it could provideservices to its clients. The plan also changed from purchasing acutecare hospitals to purchasing outpatient facilities which were muchcheaper. This saw the organization start making enormous profits andits credit worthiness rose significantly (Gerwig, 2015).

There are and have been plans by the organization to improve andenhance the quality of services that it provides to the patients. Theorganization hires only qualified nurses across the various statesand facilities it has in the country. This is meant to ensure thatthe service provided of high quality and that patients are satisfiedwith the services. It is also the useful to note that theorganization applies and uses modern equipment in all the facilitiesthat it operates. This is aimed at providing quality services to thepatients who in turn are satisfied. Nurses in all the facilities andindeed all the employees are trained thoroughly before joining thehuge workforce of Dignity Health. This training is aimed atencouraging the employees to ensure that clients are satisfied.Additionally, the organization has largely partnered with otherhealth organizations that are renowned in providing qualityhealthcare services (Johnson, 2014). This ensures that the clientsare satisfied with the services of Dignity Health organization.Lastly, the organization accepts reviews from clients pertainingtheir services. These gives the organization an opportunity toaddress the issues raised by the patients regarding the quality ofservices. Additionally, it is useful to note that the organizationalso seeks opinions from the employees on the various ways ofenhancing services (Gerwig, 2015).


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