Knowledgeplays a vital role in the information uprising. However, the chiefchallenges are how to select the correct information from varioussources and change it into practical knowledge[ CITATION Cam09 l 1033 ].Many a time tacit knowledge based on common sense is underutilized bythe organizations in accomplishing organizational goals. Hence,the paper discuses the way organizations can best leverage the tacitknowledge inherent in its employees in attaining organizational goalsand, why the method is important.

Howthe organizations can best leverage the tacit knowledge inherent inits human capital

Firstly,the organization can best leverage the tacit inherent by implementingcommunities of practice that attach people who share ordinaryinterest, joint passion for the organization and same expertise[ CITATION Fit09 l 1033 ].Theefforts try to recognize the cultures and values of the workers.Further, the tactic encourages the use, learning, and spread of tacitknowledge. Secondly, the organization can change the performancecapacity and the remuneration system by implementing reasonablerecognition and reward based on trust and commitment. Can b achievedby rewarding human abilities by either financial rewards thatcomprise of increased payment or intrinsic reward that comprisesraise in terms of job position.

Third,organizations can engage in programs of human-talent exchange toenable employees share their talents with other organizations notonly their company. The efforts permit employees to learn from otheremployees of different organizations. Fourth, organizations canencourage their workers to use tacit knowledge and technology asdevice to influence their personal and professional thinking[ CITATION Fou09 l 1033 ].Lastly,organizations need to let those workers with knowledge aboutsomething to take lead in that sector to maintain and speed up theapplication of new thoughts. The effort tends to recognize theabilities of their employees making them feel important to thecompany.

Whythe method is the best

Themethod is the best as it enable the companies to gain competitiveadvantage. However, companies need to improve on the process ofacquiring the right tacit Knowledge manifested in the workers forthem to be more competitive.


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