How people and work units gain power through social networks


Howpeople and work units gain power through social networks

Technologicaladvancement especially in social media, has enabled people and teamsto connect with other professionals giving them the capacity tothrive in our today’s competitive markets (Robinson, 2010). Socialnetworks have become a free platform through which people and workunits stay in touch with colleagues, meet experts, learn new ideasand find opportunities for growth. Through networking, people buildimportant relationships in personal lives and businesses, whichenhance their potential and aptitude. In networking, a person connectwith the world’s greatest leaders and experts, interact with themthrough sharing online information and in that way, gain insight onhow to become a great leader or become an expert in a certain filed.According to McShane and Von Glinow (2013), many organizations relyon social networks to emulate the best practices in regard toorganizational behaviour from the most successful organizations toensure their teams are performing. Social networks have enabled workunits to gain power through understanding the technologies andeffective practices that are compelling change in various industries.

Useof social network to gain power by work units is a common phenomenonin today’s most successful organizations. Individuals and workunits are embracing social networks mainly as a free marketing mediumto influence as many peopleas possible to buy their goods and services. According to Kleiman(2013), one person who has utilized social networks to gain power isToby Daniels, a social media evangelist. Through social-networking,he has more than three well-performing organizations, which has madehim a great person not only in the United States but in manycountries. Social media is a platform which when carefully utilizedcan raise a person or teams to greater heights of prosperity invarious dimensions.

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