Human Resources, Marketing Management, Operations Management, and Financial Management

HumanResources, Marketing Management, Operations Management, and FinancialManagement

HumanResources, Marketing Management, Operations Management, and FinancialManagement

Therole of departments in the organization

The role of the human resource is to recruit people, train the peoplerecruited, performance appraisal, the motivation of the employees,and ensure a safe working environment (Pearce &amp Robinson, 2000).

Therole of the marketing management entails managing budgets, instillinga marketing ethos in the business, research and even research onavailable external opportunities, understanding both the current andthe existing customers and managing marketing mix that are aimed atdeveloping and further creating both the long and short termmarketing strategies.

Theoperation management performs the role of overseeing and having theabsolute responsibility for the organizational activities within anorganization, which in the process will lead to effective goods andservices production.

The financial management department takes care of all the financialfunctions that are important within an organization. The rolesinclude raising of funds, allocation of the fund, and profitplanning.

Therole of the manager in each department

Therole of the manager in the financial management department is tomanage the budget of the organization and to figure out the financialbusiness projection. The manager in the operations managementdepartment handles managing both the personnel’s and the rawmaterials. The marketing manager identifies possible, markets anddevelops product pricing within an organization. The role of themanager in the human resource department is to oversee thedepartment’s functions and management of employees.

Howmanager decisions have an impact on employees within each department

Themanagers in the human resource influence the employee’s perceptionof the HR practices, and this is done by adopting policies that areformulated to guide operations. According to Pearce &amp Robinson,(2000), the marketing manager influences the employees by encouragingand motivating them to meet the Company’s set goals and missions.The operation managers, on the other hand, motivate employees toensure quality is attained in the company’s operation. The decisionof the financial manager will affect the employees’ pay and moraleto work hard.

Strategiesthat a manager can use to ensure each department works together tomake the event successful

Themanager may use the following strategies to ensure that eachdepartment works together and modeling collaborative behavior thatwill bring all the employees together. The manager may offer anexecutive support to ensure the team’s success and collaboration.The manager should also ensure that there are the requisite skillsthat are geared towards a practice of collaboration.

Howa manager evaluates the success of an event

Themanager can measure the success of an event by measuring the directresults, for instance, new sales lead, or he can measure the indirectfactors, including the improvements that have been achieved in thereputation of the company. He further analyzes the sales leads thathave resulted from a particular event and then analyzes the qualityof the event. Lastly, the manager analyzes the reputation of thecompany (Pearce &amp Robinson, 2000).

Howa manager analyzes and then creates strategies for the success offuture events

Toanalyze and create strategies for the success of future events, themanager will take into consideration the past results and theperformance of such an event and make any possible adjustments(Pearce &amp Robinson, 2000). The manager will then outline theobjectives and mission of the company against a given strategy toselect the best strategy. Lastly, the manager will weigh the cost ofeach strategy and in the process the least costly and that which iseffective to be used.


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