Human Right to Food


HumanRight to Food

HumanRight to Food

Issuespertaining to human rights have always triggered controversy in thecontemporary human society. Of course, it is well acknowledged thatsome rights are more fundamental to human existence than others. Thisis the case for basic human rights, which include housing, clothingand food. As much as all these are quite fundamental, it is wellnoted that food is much more important than the other two given thatone can live without clothing and housing or shelter but not withoutfood. Unfortunately, increased urbanization seems to be workingagainst access to quality food at reasonably low prices. This isparticularly the case in the United Arab Emirates. In spite of thefact that the region is immensely rich, its people have problemsgetting access to quality and nourishing food at low prices. Indeed,most people have to survive on fast foods, which, in spite of theirlow nutrition content, come at a low price.


Thispaper explores the effect of urbanization on the food industry in theUnited Arab Emirates?


Itis well noted that people have a right to obtain quality food thatcomes in appropriate amounts and at reasonable prices or cost.Unfortunately, urbanization and increased modernization has decreasedthe capacity of individuals to obtain this thanks to the limited timeand the even fewer financial resources. This means that a largenumber of people have to make do with junk foods that come in highproportions but lower nutrition and at considerably low prices.Access to nutritious food with the appropriate nutritional value andthe right amounts would necessitate more time and financialresources, which a large number of people do not have at theirdisposal.