Importance of Organizational Culture

Importanceof Organizational Culture


Organizationculture refers to the unique ways through which people in anorganization work to accomplish their objectives. Some of theelements of the organization culture include values, principles,beliefs, ideologies and philosophies. Why is knowledge about theorganization culture important to an organization?

Itis important because it determine the way employees interact witheach other in an organization. A strong culture builds strong ties,cohesion and a sense of responsibility for achieving the goals of anorganization. Further, it is a factor that encourages motivation andunderstanding of the low-level employees and the management.

Secondly,organization culture promotes fair competition within the workplace.Employees would like to produce more output than their colleagues toachieve recognition and rewards through things as a promotion. It isculture that promotes competition.

Organizationculture enhances the unity of direction through the provision ofcommon rules, regulation, and principles that must be followed byeach. This reduces confusion and specifies each employee’s rolesand responsibilities.

Culturegives an organization its distinct identity by defining a workculture that is unique from its competitors. The work culture unitesall the employees of an organization regardless of the dynamismpresent in the people from different races, families and economicstates. They are united into the same family by the culture in theorganization.

Theunity created by the organization culture enhances performance in theorganization since conflicts are eliminated. A strong culture alsodefines the role and responsibility of each employee and as such eachand every individual will not waste time but deal with their roles.Reduced supervision due to cohesion, responsibility, andaccountability gives employees the requisite freedom, hence, highoutput (McShane &amp Von Glinow, 2013).


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