Importance of Teams

Importanceof Teams

Importanceof Teams

Applinglessons learned from other industry to health care sector

Teamworkin the health care sector is faced with numerous challenges thatinclude the hierarchical structure that discourage collaboration,legal aspects of liability as well as the scope of practice, lack ofshared purpose, and inappropriate composition of the teams (Daly,2004). Some of these barriers to teamwork can be overcome by applyinglessons learned from other fields of profession. The first lessonlearned from other professions is the significance of empoweringteams. In auto racing, aviation, and military the top management playa critical role in ensuring that team members receive a positivefeedback in order to create a perception that their contribution isappreciated.

Secondly,all teams should be formed to accomplish a common purpose (Reilly,2010). Applying this concept in the health care sector means that thecontribution of each of the health care provider should be gearedtowards achieving a common goal, such as promoting safety in servicedelivery or improving the treatment outcome. This requires eachhealth care provider to forego personal interest in order to help theteam achieve more than what each individual professional wouldachieve.

Third,the composition of the team determines the success of that team inachieving the common goal (Yusoontorn, 2015). The health caremanagement can use this concept to ensure that teams are comprised ofthe health care professionals who are willing and able to take activeroles in their respective teams. Team members should not be forced tojoin certain teams, but the management should focus on showing themthe significance of working in teams as opposed to working asindividuals. The right composition, guidance by the management, andappropriate composition can help teams in the health care overcomethe challenges of inter-professional hierarchical, and regulatoryscope differences.


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