Individual Health Part 1

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Everyperson is in charge of his/her health. The government normallyempowers individuals with relevant knowledge so that they can makeinformed decisions on their informed decisions on health matters.However, According to Dr. Ichiro, many factors influence a person’sdecision on various health factors. This essay addresses the variousconditions in the Chinese community that affect healthy choices andthe policies put in place that shapes these conditions.

Inmy community, various factors hinder healthy choices. Theseconditions include the high cost of health care, religion, cultureand traditional beliefs, bad attitude and age. The high cost ofhealth care makes it difficult for individuals to make healthydecisions in terms of seeking medical treatment and going for routinecheckups. Low-income levels coupled with the expensive health caresystem discourage most poor people from seeking health. Somereligions in my community discourage healthy choices, for example,those that discourage the use of condoms and family planning. Membersof such religion have risky sexual behavior with unhealthy timing andspacing of pregnancies.

Ageis also a hindrance to healthy decisions. The youth frequently makesunhealthy decisions with issues such as drug abuse, bad eating habitsand risky sexual behaviors being rampant among the young due to peerpressure. The youth does not seek advice from qualified healthpersonnel for fear of being judged.

Policiesadopted by the government to minimize these conditions with the goalof promoting healthy decision making. The economic reforms aimed atproviding cheap health insurance for the poor has improved healthseeking behavior. Policies intended at educating the public on theneed for family planning and healthy sexual practices are beingimplemented. A dialogue between the various religions and theministry of health is underway to promote healthy decision makingamong numerous followers. Finally, the introduction of youth friendlyservices and counselling is designed to promote cautious healthdecisions among young people.