Inequality in the American Dream

Inequalityin the American Dream

Inequalityin the American Dream

Inthe article “inequality and the American dream,” the authoroutlines the skeptical nature of many people concerning the Americandream. According to him, America has a dream of “equal opportunityand upward mobility” (The Economist, 2006). However, the dream isonly for the people who work hard and play by the rules. Althoughmany countries in Asia and Europe despise the American model, theyuse various indirect methods to Americanize their countries. Thereare various instances of the inequality observed between the workersand the employer with the latter earning extremely more than theemployees earn. The poor cannot also invest a lot in the education oftheir children, and they, therefore, make a small percentage ininstitutions of higher learning. However, the author observes thatthe inequalities are inapproachable from a model that brings down thepoor to uplift the poor (The Economist, 2006).

Theunderlying agenda of the article is proposing the various effortsthat a society can adopt to create equality. First, the ladder torichness should be open to every individual. Americans cannot freelytransfer their labor to other countries yet immigrants find their wayinto the country in search of work. The author observes that inEurope, a poor child has higher chances of raising the social ladderthan in America. The rungs should be accessible to everybody.Secondly, the poor should access safety nets to cushion them from theeconomic challenges in their environment (The Economist, 2006).

TheAmerican dream cannot be a reality without idealizing measures thatare consistent and relevant in the new world. A prime example is theBill Gates scholarship that gives the disadvantaged an opportunity.As Bush puts it, “the poor cannot become rich by making the richpoor” (The Economist, 2006).

Tolive the American dream of giving opportunities for everyone, thepoor should have safety nets that protect them from furthervulnerability.


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