Information Technology and Management


Company Background

It is the role of management to ascertain that customer satisfactionis paramount in an organization. Technology advancement is one of theimportant criteria that a firm shouldconsider during the implementation of its vision and missionstatements. The use of social media, mobile apps,and cloud technology are significantaspects that can increase the yearlyrevenue of a company for up to $20 million because they incorporatethe contemporary technology. Brilliant Soft Drink Company is acompany that has been operational for twoyears. It is located in the United States.Moreover, its annual revenue estimation is $5. Brilliant Soft DrinkCompany competes with other well-established carbonated soft drinkscompanies such as Coca-Cola Company andPepsiCo. The two companies are leading giants in soft drinks aroundthe globe. Furthermore, they continue to dominate the industry thatBrilliant Soft Drink Company seeks to enter. Therefore, the successof Brilliant Soft Drink Company depends on the adoption of moderntechnology in marketing and database management system for effectivecompetition.

Modern technology has captured the attention ofthe young and old generations. This trend has made the use of socialmedia and mobile apps to be among the best marketing tools in theonline arena (Xu, 2013).Brilliant Soft Drink Company seeks to gain better traction in thesoft drink industry so that they can meet customer satisfaction andloyalty. Customer satisfaction is best achievedif Brilliant Soft Drink Company engages in the use of technology towin the customers over. Being among soft drink companies in theUnited States, it needs to manufacture high-qualitydrinks so that it will compete withCoca-Cola Company and PepsiCo among othersfavorably.


Brilliant Soft Drink Company mission is to serve customers in theworld according to their wish and value and ensure that there is adifferentiation in carbonated drinks. Additionally, itensures the world is pleased and refreshed so that theconsumers are happy and get satisfaction with their brand.


  • People- The aim is to ensure that the customers are stimulated and inspired by the brand

  • Productivity- production of high quality carbonated drinks that meet the consumer requirements and accountability toward the hygiene and health of our customers

  • Profit- Quench thirst and refresh our customers at pocket-friendly rates

Current situation of the company and security aspects

The current status of the company is thatinnovation is not operational because most of the soft drinks arenot rebranded yet. It has only operated for two years,and the net revenue currently is $5 million per year indicatingthat if the management is creative, then rebranding should bolsterits growth. It implies that the net revenuewill increase up to $20 million annually and thus stiff competitionbetween Brilliant Soft Drink Company and Coca-ColaCompany. Additionally, Brilliant Soft Drink Company has notconsidered social networking as a means of a marketingtool. Social media is among the best marketing tools that haveincreased the net revenue of many companies. For instance, Facebook,Twitter, and YouTube among othercommunication tools that are utilized bythe young and older generation play an integral part in marketing.Posting and sharing of the brand online, advertise the product andthus the management of Brilliant Soft Drink Company is supposed toconsider the marketing strategy in the industry.

One of the security aspects that Brilliant Soft Drink Company needsto address currently is to ascertain that formulation policy of softdrink does not leak to other carbonated drink companies. This measureimplies that the business boards ofdirectors are the only one who can know the formulation guidelinesand principles of the enterprise. Moreover,the implementation can only proceed when the management doesnot disclose any information concerning the enterpriseto the rival firms in any way. Anothersecurity aspect that is threatening the company progress andproduction is imitation where their brand ingredients leak before thedrinks are in the market.

Another current situation that the company has employed is the use oftelevision and radio advertisement. The use of newspapers and otherdoor-to-door promotion strategy has been effective to createawareness for the company. The method isexpensive but within two years that Brilliant Soft Drink Company hasbeen active, it has managed to attain net revenue of $5 million. Theuse of Freestyle dispensers that thecustomers use to keep other drinks is a technological advancement ofbrilliant Soft Drink Company (Rachel, 2007). The company manufactureshigh-quality brandsgiving the customers a chance to choose other beverages,which they can keep in those Freestyledispensers.

Role of information technology inthe company

One of the information technologies that the company should installis the use of online advertising strategy. Thispractice enables Brilliant Soft Drink Company to gain thebetter traction of customer satisfactionand loyalty. For instance, Brilliant Soft Drink ads should be postedin the social media so that the broadaudience can access more information about it. The use of Facebook,YouTube and emails plays a critical part inonline advertising. In essence, the customers are tagged,and information shared with differentclients. Furthermore, the use of mobileapps also plays a significant role in ensuring that individuals canexchange information via mobile phones. Forexample, Lenovo has features that display communication tools likeFacebook and emails in an organized way. The company can utilize suchopportunities to create more brand awareness.

The second information technology role that should be implemented toensure that customers are satisfied and remain loyal to the companybrands is rebranding of Brilliant Soft Drink Company. Creativity andinnovation of the management will decide packaging and rebrandingthat leads to a different product, which are competitive, compared toother carbonated drinks. Rebranding plays asignificant role in ensuring that the products meet theconsumer requirements. However, prior to rebranding, the companyneeds to conduct extensive market research, which helps to gatherinformation. Target market and pricing strategy must be welladdressed and examined before BrilliantSoft Drink is introduced in the market(Ayass, 2012). Under the normal circumstances whenever marketing isdone via online and other marketing strategies, the productthat has been rebranded is likely to be competitive in an open marketeconomy. The increase in the net revenue from $5 million to $20million annually depends on such online media strategy.

The third information technology role that can be employed to gaincustomer satisfaction and loyalty is the use of online shopping.Online shopping is a strategy that is effective and efficient to theclients because one does not have to move to distributorsrather, one need to access Brilliant Soft Drink website and shoponline. The method is fast and saves money to the customers,and that leads to customer specification. This satisfaction leads tocustomer loyalty. The fourth role that can be put inplace to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty is the use oflocal marketing strategy. For instance, the use of television,newspapers and radio stations are known as a mediumof communication that create awareness forthe consumers. It is a reliable method thoughexpensive. Lastly, another essential strategy is promotion anddiscounting. Online promotion is quick and captures large customerbase. Whenever an individual buys a certain number of products, theyshould get some brand free of charge when as a way of promotion.Promotion should be conducted on a monthlybasis until Brilliant Soft Drink attains the targeted annual sales.The trend is likely to increase the revenue of the brand and thusmeet the target of $20 million annually.

SWOT analysis of the business


  1. Production of high valuable brand

Due to stiff competition in the soft drinks industry, Brilliant SoftDrink Company has a well-built product loyalty to their customers.The company mission revolves around a high-qualitybrand that is fit for human consumption.

  1. The company brands are sold in restaurants and stores, including startups

Brilliant Soft Drink is sold in both thestore and restaurants, which helps the company to attain high salesvolume on a monthly basis. The company has other vendors whodistribute the brand to fancy occasions like weddings and otherevents in the doorto door distribution.

  1. Advertising method

The use of local advertising tools has made it is easy to attainrevenue of $5 million annually. It implies that if the company adoptsthe use of social media, mobile apps and cloud technology the companywill achieve the target revenue of $20million annually. In addition, a promotionthat is proposed to start soon will create brand awareness and thushigh sales volume is expected every year(Xu, 2013).


  1. Marketing strategy is not stable

The marketing strategy that is currently usedis not the best as compared to those of the competitors. Use ofsocial media, mobile apps, and monthly promotions need robustimplementation so that the brand can attain the targeted revenue.

  1. The company does not have many products like compared to their competitors in the industry.

Compared to Coca Cola, a company, which has a varietyof products, Brilliant Soft Drink Company does not have other brandsto compete in the industry favorably.


  1. Smaller bottled drinks

The packaging method used by the company plays a vital role inensuring that sales remain high because of the affordable smallerbottles.

  1. Aiming to start selling bottled water

The company is aiming to start selling bottled water in their brandname, which is expected to increase the sales volume. Bottled waterwill generate 12 percent sales, which willmake it possible to achieve revenue of $20 million per year.

  1. Hygienic brands

The brand is tested and proved fit forhuman consumption. The brand refreshes and energizes an individual.Due to its high-quality customers haveincreased making it possible to attain their target.


  1. Stiff competition

The existing Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCoin the market increase threats in the productionof soft drinks. The two companies are knownas the leading companies in soft drinks,and thus marketing must be done in a specializedway for the new entrant company in the region.

  1. Raw materials

The price of production in terms of raw materials has increasedcurrently. This is a threat to an emergingcompany in the soft drink industry. Carbonated drinks

Manufacturing of carbonated drinks is associatedwith obesity and heart diseases making the companies beat risk.

Goals of information technology strategic plan

One of the primary objectivesof the information technology strategic plan is that there is thecreation of product awareness. For example,the use of mobile apps and social media by the company management tocreate awareness of the product makes it possible to increase thesale volume of the brand. When Brilliant Soft Drink is advertised inthe social media and other technological mediumthe new entrant product ventures a lot in terms of the profit becausethe customers are aware of it. The second majorgoal for the information technology strategic plan is to strengthencompetition because the customers need to test the new product in themarket (Lawfer, 2004). The co- competitors, Coca-ColaCompany, and PepsiCo have to come up withother means of outdoing the threat caused by the emerging products.This competition leads to an open market economy.

The third goal of the informationtechnology strategic plan is to lower the price differentiation ofcarbonated soft drink. For instance, a competitionthat is created by the emerging brand will tend to make othercompetitors lower the prices of the brand. The aim is to satisfy theconsumers in terms of price so that they conduct repeated purchasesand become loyal. The fourth goal of the informationtechnology strategic plan is to attain high-qualitybrand that meets the customers’ wants. Whenever the brand isadvertised, competition occurs and thus the company management mustproduce a brand that is of higher quality and unique in the market.Lastly, the end user can access supportfrom the management in case their branddoes not meet their requirements. For example, Brilliant Soft Drinkmay have expired while in the store, andthus the customers need to access their website and report thematter. This way the support team of the company will respondquickly. The company’s mission is to refresh and distributehigh-quality brand that are fit to humanconsumption.

Positive organizational impacts based on the strategic planimplementation

One of the implications of the informationtechnology strategic plan is high sales volume. Theapplication of social media and mobile apps has a stronginfluence on brand’s advertisement thus increasing awareness amongthe consumers. The second impact is that the company will gain acompetitive advantage because it will nothave to rely on local advertisement strategy (Christian, 2011).Moreover, the creation of company websiteswhere the customers can seek support makes it possible for themanagement to settle issues urgently. In case of any problem with thecompany brands the customers do not need to go to their headquartersbut access the website to air their complaintsand inquiries. Lastly, customer satisfaction is enhanced because thecompany can convince their clients that they can provide massproduction and high-quality brands. It isthe role of the management to ascertain that customer satisfaction isachieved so that he or she can make repeated purchases. Itimplies that the client will be loyal ifthe management is keen on the quality of their products and attitudetowards the customers.


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