Information Technology Proposal


InformationTechnology Proposal


InformationTechnology Proposal

SwaggerDistribution Company deals in clothing and apparel. The company needsto modify its information systems and install a robust wirelessinformation technology system that links the offices, the computerroom and the warehouse (Preston, 2001).

Currently,the company employs a physical network that composed of hard wireEthernet cables and fiber cables. The cables patch to a patchingpanel connected to a network switches for all servers, personalcomputers and routers located on the premises (Schwalbe, 2000).

Thecompany employs a human computer interface that links the company’semployees to the company’s network. Various software enables theoperations. First is Microsoft Visio software that enables users todesign by providing a stencil. The stencil enables the users tosketch and create robust pictures graphs and flow charts therefore,they can define complex data to form simple images (Innovationin information technology,2003).Second is Microsoft Word that enables graphical writing and editing.The software saves the company from a lot of paperwork. Also, itenables the employees to improve their grammar by enabling them tocheck their grammar and spelling (Panigrahy, 2010).

SwaggerDistribution Company has employed various databases composed of itsvarious business partners such as distribution partners andcustomers. Databases store information about the customers concerningthe orders that the company has received. The database composed ofvarious tables that are used to capture information. The first tablecontains information on clothing manufacturers. The table has tenrecords containing various information such as contact and themanufacturers name and address (Preston, 2001). .

Thesecond table contains information about clothing products indatasheet modes such as the clothing name, the color, manufacturer’sname, the wholesale and retail price. The third table containsinformation about the various retail stores and their addresses. Thetable holds ten records in data sheet view. The datasheet and thedesign view include short texts and numerical data (Feng, 2008).

Theswagger distribution company uses programming software that enablesthe employees to customize the outlook of the various operations inthe system. For example, whenever an employee logs into the software,a pop-up window greets the employee. The programming softwareprovides options to any new user to either use the pop-up or not. Ifthe user decides to use the pop-up window, the software can be usedto customize the pop-up window that greets the employees wheneverthey log into the system (Preston, 2001).

SwaggerDistribution Company requires a new website that shall be designedusing the HyperText Markup Language 5. Several components need to beapplied to enhance the development of a potential website. They arethe Uniform Resource Locator that is the generic term for all typesof names and addresses. They refer to objects that are on the WorldWide Web. Second is the domain name that is used in the URL toidentify the specific websites. The company also needs to registerthe domain name that it can identify to one or more IP addresses. Names should be easy to remember and use in the URLs (Preston, 2001).

Theproposed technology involves replacing the Ethernet switch, the crosspatch panel, and the Ethernet cables that interconnect with servers,panels and switches with Cisco Wi-Fi routers. The Cisco Wi-Fi routerneeds to connect to the current firewall that connects to the mainrouter, the T1 demarcation router, and the WAN internet serviceprovider. The physical server needs to be updated by installing awireless AC 1900 NIC to enhance the upload and download of data, (Feng, 2008).

Theoffice and the warehouse need to link with a wireless router. Therouter needs to be installed together with a bridging switch. Thepersonal computers in the company need to be upgraded by installing awireless Network Interface Card (NIC). A firewall needs to beinstalled to control information access. A PIX firewall is necessaryto regulate the information accessed by both the head office and thepublic that uses the internet provided by the main router through theWide Area Network (Kangas, 2003).

Afterthe installation of the proposed technology, Swagger DistributionCompany requires putting in place best practices that ensureinformation security. The security should be wide enough to cover thevarious possibilities from computer theft, hacking of websites, tocorporate spying. There various proposed practices include first, theestablishment of a login with a two-factor authentication that verityis the user’s login information. For example, there is the Tokenand the passwords are stronger compared to simply using the passwordsthat are easy for non-authorized personnel to guess. Second is theuser endpoint security solution that prefers for small businesses.The profile involves the installation of anti-spam, anti-spywareinfection on user devices. Other solutions include the installationof data encryption software that can simultaneously protect thefiles, folders and drives, protects sensitive information and preventdata loss. Besides, the company should educate the users on thevarious threats and the various modes that are employed to preventexposure (Preston, 2001).

Thereare various advantages that accrue to Swagger Distribution Company asa result of the proposed technology. First is the ability to storeand protect information. The proposed technology allows the companyto employ electronic storage systems that are more efficient andsecure as opposed to the manual systems. The maintenance of crucialinformation about the customers and other business partners iscrucial to ensure the integrity of the Swagger Company (Kangas,2003).

Secondis the automation of the processes. The employees of Swagger Companyshall be able to do more work in a short period. Besides, they canconduct two processes simultaneously at the same time. For example,the employee can create a design while and subsequently write andsend an email to other colleagues in the various departments (Feng,2008).

Thethird is communication. The internet connections between the variousdevices within the company enhance the rate at which the employeescan communicate with minimal movements (Preston, 2001).

Thefourth is the ability to work remotely. The employees can work fromanywhere so long as they have the credentials to access the company’snetwork. The comp-any has the advantage of installing email, internalchat rooms and video conferencing equipment that enables employees towork as they communicate seamlessly (Feng, 2008).


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