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Instituteof Medicine Reports


Instituteof Medicine Reports

TheInstitute of Medicine’s document, To Err is Human: Buildinga Safer Health System, of 1999highlights the extensive number of patients who are significantlyimpacted by medical faults, mentioning the annual death of mostpeople as a result of medical error than cancer, road accidents orHIV and AIDs (IOM, 2000). Later in 2001, IOM presented a anotherdocument, Crossing the Quality Chasm: ANew Health System for the 21stcentury, which supported the demandfor public reporting as well as quality standards emphasizing thatmedical Institutions to avail care that is oriented to the system,evidence-based and focused on patients. The report calls for patientsto be more participative, demanding and aware of the healthcaresystem. This report, unlike the initial report, recognized patientsas a dynamic stakeholder in changing the medical system (IMO, 2001).

Whatis interesting about these reports is leaving patients unaware of thegreat discrepancy of quality among health care Institutions. Medicalprofessionals are under high pressure to improve the efficiency andquality of healthcare service (HQA). Since healthcare maintenanceorganizations have developed complex customers demanding effectiveand quality results at affordable prices, healthcare professional areforced to follow the demands of the market. While IOM agrees that isnot one solution to the quality health care service, it recommendscare processes and event analysis. Although human is to error, theseerrors can be prevented (IOM, 2000). Take measures to prevent thiserror will result in safer patient care with lowered healthcarecosts.

ConsequentlyIMO recommends the healthcare professional to make costs, quality andperformance date transparent to the public (2000). While IOM lay fullaccountability for ensuring the safety of patients on healthcareprofessionals and institutions, these reports raise awareness amongconsumers and makes them stakeholders in the process of makinghealthcare decisions.


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