Integer and linear programming answers

Integerand linear programming answers

Explainhow the applications of Integer programming differ from those oflinear programming. Give specific instances in which you would use aninteger programming model rather than an LP model. Provide real-worldexamples.

Linearprogramming is a subset of integer programming, that attempts to findout the best results where the outcomes are liner, while integerprogramming on the other hand is a mathematical programming methodwhich restricts some if not all of the variables to integers.

Applicationsof integer programming differ from those of liner programing in that,integer programming models arise in almost all areas of mathematicalprograming. Integer programing has played a key role especially insupport of managerial decisions especially in the areas of capitalbudgeting decisions, warehouse location and the schedule of events.

Aninteger programing model would be used rather than a liner programingmodel in instances like


Aliner programing model would be used to determine how best to reduceavailable stock material in order to meet the demand of specificsizes.


Thisproblem has in the past been solved through the use of a linerprogramming model. Complex column generation techniques with matricesexceeding 100,000 rows and columns have been applied representingpotential tours and combining them in a liner programming model.

Intersectionsof Decisions

Thereare some fundamental theoretical results that underlie the challengesencountered in finding solutions to intersections of decisions. Thesedecisions give us a clue of what is happening and act as a guide inthe formulations of liner programing models that actually work.

Identifyany challenges you have in setting up an integer programming problemin Excel, and solving it with Solver. Explain exactly what thechallenges are and why they are challenging. Identify resources thatcan help you with that.

Insetting up an integer programming problem in excel and solving itwith solver, I have the problem on how to use integer constraints.There are however resources that one can use to handle the problem ofconstraints. Once can use the solver options dialog All methods tabwhich gives options on how to solve with integer constraints.


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