Myfirst clinical rotation was at the LAC+USCCounty Hospital ENT department where I discovered that my bilingualskill in medicine that enabled me to speak and write well in Spanishwas as much a vital professional asset. This came out clearly on aday when a patient who could not speak English fluently visited theclinic and the residents there were unable to conduct diagnosis forshe could not explain herself to them. Since she spoke in Spanish, Iwas able to interview her in Spanish and she was now able to speakfluently, making it possible for me to understand her condition as Itranslated them to the residents at the LAC+USC County Hospital. Thiswas the first ever time that my bilingual training had presented areal opportunity to fit in service in diversity. TheAmerican program at UAG offered me the best opportunity to learn,grow, and work towards my goals of becoming a bilingual doctor with ahuman touch.

Havinghad a stint at LAC+USCCounty Hospital ENT department, Iam extremely excited to continue moving forward toward achieving mygoal of becoming an internist. I am particularly excited about thisspecialty because it offers me an opportunity to adopt acomprehensive approach to professional healthcare by developing apersonal relationship with the patient. It is my long term goal toestablish a local practice and to provide a strong presence as adoctor serving my community. It is in service to this goal that I amchoosing to specialize in Medicine.


Theexperiences I had at LAC+USCCounty Hospital ENT department where I served as an intern helpedbuild in me a desire to serve patients at a more personal level asthis supplemented the medical professionalism in healing patients.Most of my duties involved taking the history and physical records ofpatients an activity that I perfected over time. The proficiency Ihad developed created in me an interest in family medicine, which ledme to introduce a completely new structure of electronic healthrecords (EHR) at the clinic which categorized patients according tofamilies. In most cases, there was a common factor across familymembers who had visited the clinic. Moreover, this made it mucheasier to identify genetic disorders. Additionally, I had an interestin dealing with all manner of problems and patients across thedifferent age groups.

Iam strongly drawn to this specialty due to the specialty of becominga family doctor, working with the same patients over the course oftheir life spans. No other specialty offers the opportunity todeliver a baby and be part of their future health. On both apersonal and professional levels, I am dedicated to building a senseof connection with my local community.


Theessence of being a medical practitioner is to save lives. This is onereality that I have experienced over time as a practitioner who oftenseeks to establish an emotional connection with the patient. I haveperfected my diagnosis and treatment skills, having been a member ofthe Red Cross before I joined UniversidadAutonoma de Guadalajara (UAG)to study medicine. The experience entailed working at odd hours,reporting for duty at any time an emergency occurred and workingunder strained professional conditions to save lives. What is more,the process went to an extent where I had to risk my life as aprofessional for the lives that I endeavored to save. The mostinspiring moment in this endeavor involved an intrinsic feeling ofgreatness having saved a life. This cumulative experience conditionedme to perfect an in-built urgency in healthcare, an integrativeapproach that involves the use of technology and professional ethics.

Iam enthusiastic about moving forward towards my goal of becoming anemergency room physician. I admire the practitioner’s aim todiagnose emergent conditions and stabilize patients for definitivecare. Part of working in the ED is that you see a lot of differentthings – from prevention, diagnosis and management of acute andurgent aspects of illness, and injury affecting patients of all agegroups with a full spectrum of undifferentiated physical andbehavioral disorders. This presents an opportunity for me since I amalways and everywhere a student willing to learn. Whenlife and death decisions must be made immediately, and criticalpieces of information aren’t available, being a good diagnosticianis as important as following protocols. Itis my professional aspiration to work at an academic hospital whileteaching residents in the ED. Ultimately, I would like to work for mylocal hospital and provide a strong presence as a doctor serving mycommunity. My vision for the future is that no matter where I am, onvacation or at a restaurant, I would be able to help in any situationthat required medical attention. It is in service to this goal thatI choose Emergency Medicine.