Interracial Relationships





Interracialrelationships are steadily rising in the past century. The supremecourt of the United States has enabled blacks and the whites to marrylegally in the last 50 years. In the Year 2010, 15.1% of newmarriages were interethnic marriages (Goldenberg &ampGoldenberg,2013).

Thefirst influencing factor is the family of origin. Parents can decideto emphasize on a given racial identity over others. The attitude ofthe family including the aunts, uncles and grandparents towards agiven race may influence the child’s value to the particular race(Barker &ampChang,2013)

Secondincludes the residential, educational, social and the demographicsetup. The neighbourhood within which a child is brought up has adirect relationship to the way in which the child views differentraces. Children who grow up within European heritages are more likelyto identify with the whites once they grow up similar is any otherrace. Peer groups are a great determinant of the racial identity of achild. The racial composition of the schools that a child attends isa great determinant on the creation of the racial identity. Itassists the children to create the friendship with others who shapetheir racial identity (Goldenberg &ampGoldenberg,2013).

Thereis also the perception that the resultant multiracial individuals mayget a higher social status than that of the parents. A similar casehappened in Mexico between Spanish and the Indians that resulted intoMestizos. After the Spanish rule had been withdrawn, the Mestizosbecame the leaders of Mexico (Goldenberg, 2013).

Secondis the use of visible traits to determine the race of individuals andconsequently their status. Individuals are more likely to get into aninterracial relationship to avoid rejection associated with a givenrace (Barker &ampChang,2013).


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