IT projects management

ITprojects management

Cheezewiz Server Replacement


Cheezewizhas been used for years now by the Rodent studies department. Thesoftware has been applied to support the Rodent Studies department inits research and teaching activities. Additionally, variousresearchers have used Cheezewiz for the purposes of tracking,recording and in the data analysis particularly on different lifecycle facet within the rodent. All the students in the rodentdepartment are generally taught how to make use of the software andfurther, they are required to carry their assignment using thissoftware. It can thus be argued that Cheezewiz is considered one ofthe leading applications that have been employed by most privatesectors organizations that are in one way or the other involved inthis field. According to Maylor (2001), the software will have aspecific period under which it will be developed and launched intothe market where potential clients can access them. This softwaredevelopment is considered a follow-up to the existing Cheezewizresearch project, which is (project ID # 1208-0113). The researchproject developed by the Cheezewiz was used fin the evaluation of theservers that widely available in the market and thus were able to doa research to identify the readily best option that will be used toreplace the currently used server that is running currently byCheezewiz.


Itis evident that the current process of backing up data that is usedin the existing were involving and very cumbersome. There arenumerous instances where organizations have been losing data, andthey were forced to be retyped and re-entered. Following this, it canbe argued that the present servers used in organizations have led tothese firms keeping huge reams of their printed reports in theirresearch labs. With the use of Cheezewiz software, most of thecurrent software will be transformed and improved running on what isreferred to as a new, faster and a stable server ever to bedeveloped. The existing data that are stored on the old server willalso have to be moved to the new software developed hence an improvedaccessibility and efficiency. With the introduction of this newsoftware, it does not really imply that all of the functionality ofthe currently used server will be done away with, but they willcontinue existing.

Thesystem accessibility will for instance controlled by the use of adeveloped password and ID combination to enhance information securityand privacy. In addition to this, the student who is from the rodentdepartment will continue enjoying the benefits that will result fromthe daily hands-on experience while working and interacting theCheezewiz software. It is evident that now, there are numerousproblems that are associated with the currently used software. Forinstance, the students tend to waste much of their time while waitingfor the problems related to the server performance to be checked andresolved. The department’s researchers on the other hand, willbenefit immensely from the software’s speed and reliability hencereducing ion time wastage, losses and cost of operation. This projecthas been supported directly by the Ithaca College initiative with theaim of incorporating the use of modern and sophisticated technologyin the education. Therefore, it can be argued that this software willbe running on the organization’s server hence supporting both theinstructional activities and their research within a particulardepartment.



Accordingto Maylor (2001), schedule as one of the most important aspect takesinto consideration the time factor and whether the deadline wasconsidered for this project. This project took off in the yearOctober 3, 2013, it was referred to as Cheezewiz server replacement,and the file name is Cheezewiz project proposal. It is argued thatthe server was replaced and this was done as quickly as possible toallow time for the project to develop. It is evident that the currentserver that is used in most of the organizations globally arebecoming more and more unreliable because of their unstable nature.As a result of this, the current server locks up a lot of time duringthe day necessitating the need to shut the old server down andrestart a new server. The cost of the estimated server replacementwas included in that particular year fiscal budget therefore sinceall the resources were available the project was accomplished intime (Maylor, 2001). Based on the Gantt chart, the project has thestarting time and will thus run for a particular timeframe until itis fully available to the market across the globe.


Itis important that for any project to kick off, there is the need tosources of finance that will be used to fund the project. Failure tothis, the project will fail in the process of development resultingin a white elephant projects. This dimension takes into considerationthe expenses associated with this project and the readily availablesource of funding. In the implementation expenses, which entail allthe expenses, used for the completion of the project, it is arguedthat the organization received a quote from a specific vendor ofapproximately $50,000 that will be used in the development of the newserver. This will additionally include the possible charges for theinsurance and for shipping during the process of shipment. The fundswere thus approved and made available from the rodent department’scurrent fiscal budget of the year. The post implementation expenseswill cover the expenses required for the purposes of projectmaintenance and support. The vendor for the project’s postimplementation expense included a one year of continuous support andmaintenance particularly in what is termed as purchases price. At thebeginning of the second year, the maintenance and support funds arereadily available from the same vendor at approximately $ 15, 000 peryear. It is evident that the department of rodent studies was morethan willing to fund the project. Specifically, they were to fund anyof the ongoing processes of maintenance and licensing expenses. Withthe availability of funding, the project did not have majorchallenges that will be associated with issues of funding. Therefore,it is evident that the project was launched within the projected timebecause all the necessary resources were readily available to allowthe project to kick off.


Thepeople are determinant of a given project therefore, it wasnecessary to have stakeholders who had the exact specification of howthe project should look like and even reject the project when it doesnot meet the needed specifications. In addition to this, the clientshould be identified who will whose the project is directed to inorder to ensure that the project is not only started, but meet thecriteria that will lead to a satisfactory result. The projectchampion were included in this project and were responsible for thepurposes of championing the project within the organization and tooffer any aid whenever necessarily with the aim of overcoming theproject’s possible impediments. It was further necessary that theproject champion be high up within this organization. These includedthe Minny Mouse of Rodent studies. The primary contact is that personthat should be contacted for any possible questions that may ariseconcerning this request. The contact person was Mickey Mouse, theprofessor of the Rodent studies.

Further,the major stakeholders for this project included Donald Duck, themanager of the rodent studies and Elmer Fudd, who was the assistantDean of the Rodent studies. Last but not the least, there is theproject requester, Mickey Mouse, the professor of the rodent studies,which will take the responsibility to serve as the client for thisproject. He will be responsible for defining the key objectives andthe criteria for project’s acceptance. This person may decide toeither accept or reject the project. With these stakeholders inplace, the project will be successful since only the professionalsand trained personnel’s will be involved in the implementation ofthe project.


Thereare areas of uncertainties that the stakeholders of this project hadto deal with. For instance, there were several assumptions that weremade related to the old and the new server and all these assumptionswere major areas of uncertainty. The project was based on severalassumptions such as the newly developed server will be placedspecifically in the same location just like the currently usedserver. Secondly, it was assumed that the new server developed willnot necessarily require any kind of modification to the currentlyused power supply. Thirdly, the currently used network rate of datatransfer will be adequate and sufficient to sustain the newlydeveloped server.

Theconstraint that was related to the new server was that it wasnecessary that this software be readily available during the normalclassroom hours. The major risk associated with this server is that,there is bound to be a risk that will occur when the old server stopsfunctioning before the entire process of installation of the softwareand the replacement of the server. The other major risk that wasassociated with this project was during the adoption andimplementation after it is launched and making it familiar to thepeople within the organization and in the market. People may eitheraccept the software or even reject it hence creating one of the mostsignificant areas of risk that should be analyzed critically. It isimportant to identify the most threatening risk that may lead to thefailure of the project either at the initial stages or in thelaunching of the project to ensure that it becomes successful.


Itis argued that the server on which this particular software runs inmost organizations has significantly been supported by themanufacturer from the year 2005 to date. Further, the software hasbeen receiving various supports from the contract with the Cheezewizauthorities. The use of this software has been on the increaseparticularly in huge companies and they have proven to be promisingand very beneficial by reducing the wastage of time, resources, andefficiency that are all attributed to the old server. Based on my ownopinion, I believe the Cheezewiz is the best way to go in the moderntechnological advancement world (Carroll, 2003).

Timeis scarce and therefore, organizations should employ the use of thissoftware that often has been used and has saved a lot of time thatcould have been wasted. The project is thus considered a success inthe modern economy based on the beneficial roles that are associatedwith it such as save on time. The cost of installation is just thesame as the old server implying that there are no additional coststhat will be incurred when it comes to the process of replacement.

Thepower consumed by this software is the same compared to the oldserver hence it will not consume additional power. It has been shownthat approximately 83 percent of the people within organizationsbelieve that the Cheezewiz software is promising and the same willincrease their productivity and the success of the company. Theretrieval of all the data and communication within the organizationwill be enhanced hence leading to firm’s success. From the time thesoftware was launched into the market, the product has received anincreased sales volume particularly in the Western nations making itone of the most successful IT project that has ever been developed.Therefore based on this analysis, it is evident that Cheezewiz issuccessful and most organizations are recommended to make use of thissoftware if they should be successful in the competitive world market(DeTombe, 2000).


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