Thereare different components with regard to the Italian Culture. Theyinclude family, religion, arts, architecture, music, and cuisine. Thenative language of a large percentage of the citizens is Italian.According to Talia Wagner a family therapist, “Family is animportant value within the Italian culture,”

TheItalians are religious and the major religion is Roman Catholicism.In , architectural styles such as Baroque, Renaissance, andNeoclassical among others emerged. Some of the most famous structuresin the world are situated in (Barrotta et al. 12)

Italiancuisine is incomplete without wine, cheese, and pasta. The Italianstreasure food in the same way in which they treasure the family(Capatti &amp Montanari 45).

MostChristian holidays such as Christmas, and Easter are celebrated in.


Withregard to artistic depiction of culture in it is observedthrough music, paintings, and literature.

Someof the famous painters included Leonardo da Vinci, Tintoretto, andMichelangelo among others. With regard to music gave birth toOpera, and classical music. Some of the famous Italian composers wereRossini, Palestrina, and Vivaldi among others. Italian literature wasborn by the likes of Niccolo Machiavelli, Marsili Ficino, and UgoFoscolo among others (Barrotta et al. 66)


Oneof the most accomplished Italian artists was Leonardo da Vinci. Hewas born on April 15th1542, in Vinci to be precise. He was also a musician,scientist, engineer, and among other professions. Before he died onMay 2nd1519, he left behind a great legacy.

Leonardoda Vinci had a lot of works of art including the famous Monalisapainting. Others of his paintings include The Last Supper, GiantCross Bow, The Madonna of the Carnation, and the Female Head amongothers.

Theabove painting is that of the Last Supper, and Leonardo da Vinciworked on it in 1498.

Theabove painting is that of Monalisa. Between 153 and 1505, Leonardo daVinci came up with one of the most famous paintings in the worldtoday.

Artsin schools

Itis clear to observe that Arts are required in Italian schools due tothe many Art schools present in the country. With the growing rate ofschools focusing on Art, there is a great demand for educators andtrainers in the schools. Consequently, it is inevitable to concludethat there are many trainers, and educators employed to teach Arts inthe various schools (Barrotta et al. 44).

Youtharts organization

In, there are organizations that endorse the growth of youths. Forexample the Global Theatre Project featuring Italians is renderedone of the most influential youth organizations. The purpose of theorganization is to bring the youth together in a bid to solve variousissues using the incorporation of art (Parati 54).

TheGlobal Theatre Project focuses on different youth programs such asmatters on immigration, and autism.


Inmy research, I found the concept of the Italian family, and theircuisine most interesting. Through them, I learnt that they treasuretheir own and that is priceless. Also, Italian cuisine piqued myinterest, as I have an underlying passion for culinary arts.


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